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Pingcuo Kangsang Everest Base Camp Rich Oxygen Hotel

  • Type : Comfortable Class (4 star hotel)
  • Location : Tashi Zong Village, Tingri County, Shigatse.
  • Number of room : 68
  • Surroundings : Mount Everest, Lhotse Peak and Gama Valley.
  • Tel : +86-1879897263

Pingcuo Kangsang Everest Base Camp Rich Oxygen Hotel, located in the hinterland of the Himalayas, at an altitude of 5,200 meters, is one of the highest hotels in the world. Pingcuo Kangsang refers to a wealthy new house in Tibetan. This hotel integrates architectural styles of Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian, etc, showing a beautiful picture of multiculturalism.

It is the gateway to Mount Everest, Lhotse Peak, and "Everest Eastern Slope - Gama Valley", which is regarded as one of the "Top Ten Landscapes in the World". The hotel is located in the Everest Scenic Area tourist belt - Everest Town, Tashi Zong Village, Tingri County, Shigatse.  The air here is fresh and rich in oxygen, so tourists can fully feel the unique charm of the plateau.

The hotel is about 49 kilometers away from Mount Everest and 43 kilometers away from the Everest Observation Deck -- Rongbuk Monastery(near the new Everest Base Camp). From the hotel, it takes about 40 minutes to take an ecobus to the Everest Base Camp, where you can see majestic Mount Everest, spectacular glaciers and other breathtaking natural landscapes.

The hotel has everything you need, like comfy rooms, restaurants, cafes, and a gym. Each room has an independent bathroom, air conditioning, and TV. Deluxe smart rooms provide floor heating and diffuse oxygen supply. Regular rooms provide radiators. Visitors can enjoy a cozy atmosphere atop snowy peaks, away from the hustle and bustle. The restaurant serves a variety of Tibetan, Nepalese, and Indian cuisines, letting guests taste different food cultures. The café offers drinks and snacks while enjoying the beautiful scenery outside. Here, you can feel the harmony between people and nature, experience the grandeur and mystery of the world's roof, and enjoy an unforgettable journey.

Twin Beds Room (38 m²)

Two single beds   

2 breakfasts
Mountain View Diffuse Oxygen Supply Floor Heating

Double Room  (38 m²)

One king bed  

2 breakfasts
Mountain View Diffuse Oxygen Supply
Floor Heating

Suite with One Living Room (68 m²)

One king bed

2  breakfasts
Mountain View Diffuse Oxygen Supply Floor Heating

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