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Latest highly practical Tibet Travel advice about weather, best time to visit Tibet, cost, permits, transportation, attractions, high altitude sickness, maps, etc. Check the tips and information for your traveling in Tibet.

Tibetan lake
There are numerous beautiful lakes dotted between snow-capped mountains and boundless lakes in Tibet. Here are some legends of the top ten lakes in Tibet, including Lhanag-tso Lake, Lhamo La-tso Lake, Pangong Tso Lake, etc.
Shorton festival is a big festival in Lhasa area.
This post introduces one of the most important festivals in Tibet, the Shoton Festival, including the history, venue, and what you can expect during it, help travelers explore Tibetan culture and Buddhism.
Joining in a small group tour is the cheapest way to visit Tibet.
Taking a train to Tibet is cheaper comparing with flying. Also you may consider joining small group tours to save expense and visit Tibet in low season.
Most people like to take train to enjoy the scenery along Qinghai-Tibet railway.
Info about Qinghai- Tibet Railway, including the engineering building, what to expect when you travel along Qinghai - Tibet railroad, What to see, what's inside the train, etc.
Tibet tour
If you want to explore the mystery of Tibet and broad your kids’ eyes, you can have a family Tibet tour with your kids. During this trip, not only can kids know about the traditional culture, but also they can communicate with local people. There are some obligatory tips for family Tibet tour with kids.
 Many elderly people usually think twice about traveling to Tibet.
With regards to the question of whether elderly people should travel to the highlands of Tibet, the answer is definitely a big "YES" for Tibet is an awesome place to visit, despite its high altitude. The cliché that old people should not travel to Tibet because Tibet is near or above the clouds is not true for there are plenty of people above 70 years of age who have made the decision to travel to Tibet.
Chengdu is the hometown of the adorable Giant Pandas
Do you know how to get to Tibet from Chengdu? The following text will tell you the detailed information for traveling from Chengdu to Lhasa.
Teahouse trekking is the reason for most of the tourists to trek in Nepal
When traveling to Nepal, you may wonder what is the best way to explore Nepal. Indeed, trekking in Nepal is the best way to explore Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal

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Tibet tour
The whole kilometers from Beijing to Tibet are about 3753, and travelers will take forty - one hours to finish the whole journey by train. It’s important for travelers to know about the train information from Beijing to Tibet.
air india
Flights to Tibet from India .Some ways to reach Tibet from India. Some cities you can choose in India to reach Kathmandu and then fly to Tibet.
Longda blessing
Many people scatter scraps of paper into the sky for the purpose of seeking blessing from the God. Those scraps of paper are called Longda. Longda is printed with lection and patterns.
The Tibetan monks get along well with each other, they usually joking with each other and teasing each other
Do you wanna know what does the life like of the mysterious Tibetan monks or have you ever imagined the inside picture of Buddhist monasteries?

Tibetan Monks

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Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour is one of the favorites of all traveler who want to visit Tibet and Nepal.
Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland tour is one of the favorite choices of all travelers. Not only because it provides the visual feast of traditional customs and natural scenery, but also let you apot the altitude gradually.
 Do you know how to plan a cheap Tibet tour?
Every year, thousands of travelers come across all over the world to explore Tibet, the unique and remotest places on the earth. However, do you know how to plan a cheap Tibet tour?

Cheap Tibet Tour

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We’ve listed 10 of the most visited Tibetan monasteries.
We’ve listed 10 of the most visited Tibetan monasteries, their marvelous structural styles and precious collections of religious artworks will feast your eye.
It is worthwhile to take a Tibet tour because it's a once-in-a-life journey and it will take you to witness the masterpiece of Nature.
Tibet known as the roof of the world is a unique region of China. It is worthwhile to take a Tibet tour because it's a once-in-a-life journey and it will take you to witness the masterpiece of Nature. You also have a chance to indulge yourself into the profound Buddhist Culture.

Tibet Tour

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There are numerous of Indians traveling to Tibet every year
Tibet, the holy land of Buddhism plays a special role in the Buddhist Culture. India is a country with a large number of Buddhists. Thus, there is an intimate association between Tibet and India for thousands of years. There are numerous Indian people plan a Tibet holiday from India.
Yamdrok Lake, with the stunning view, is one of the holy lakes in Tibet
There are a large number of stunning sceneries in Tibet. It is a land that cherished by nature. Plan a trip to Tibet, you will surprise of the magnificent view of Mount Everest, and indulgent in the breathtaking view of the holy lakes.

Trip to Tibet

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Tibet is an ideal destination for a vacation.
As a holy land located in the far west of Asia, Tibet is an ideal destination for a vacation. Having a Tibetan vacation, you can renew, refresh and purify your body and mind.

Tibetan Vacation

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During the Peach Flower Tourism and Culture Festival,  you can witness the graceful Nirvana Peach Fairy of 2018
There is a great news that the 16th "Rinch Peach Flower Tourism and Culture Festival" will kick off on March 29 in Gala Village, Ba Yi District, Nyingchi City.