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To explore its unique Buddhist culture and breathtaking nature, all you want is the best Tibet tour.
Tibet attracts numerous international travelers to have a unique adventure in this remote area. With profession, passion, and reliability, we keep providing the best Tibet tours to every traveler for 13 years.

Best Tibet Tours

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In 2018, you can explore Tibet in our group tour, private tour and customize your own tour.
In 2018, you can explore Tibet in our group tour, private tour and customize your own tour. If you are planning to travel to Tibet in 2018, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tibet Tours 2018

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A Tibet Tour from Kathmandu, Nepal can give you a chance to explore the two cities which were considered as the heaven of tourists.
Nepal is recognized as the kingdom of the Himalayas, with 10 UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites.
Nepal and Tibet are both popular travel destinations for travelers. Have a holiday in Tibet and Nepal will offer you a unique experience by exploring different nature and culture.
The Forbidden City, situated in the heart of Beijing, was home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
Nowadays, Tibet Tourism becomes more and more popular for foreigner travelers. As one of the important gateway to Tibet, Beijing is always the first choice for foreigner travelers to get to Tibet.
We offer tailor-designed tour packages which were run successfully for years. Be our guest, and realize your Tibet dream.
To have tours and travels in Tibet, international travelers will enjoy a unique experience of Buddhist culture as well as be shocked by lofty snow-capped mountains. We offer various tour packages to meet different requirements.
Sydney, the second largest city in Australia
Taking a Tibet Tour from Australia, you may contact with another culture which is deeply affected by the Buddhist Culture.
Have a holiday in Tibet is a good choice
We offer hand-picked group tour and private tour packages to travelers all around the world. As an international traveler who wants to have a holiday in Tibet, you can book our tours and free yourself from planning itineraries on this massive land.
Tibet is a holy land dotted with sacred monasteries and temples. Unique religious culture attracts travelers to explore this mysterious place.
Tibet is a holy land dotted with sacred monasteries and temples. To have a monastery vacation in Tibet, you can enjoy magnificent monasteries with different styles and feel pilgrims' devoted spirits.
We prepared various Tibet group tour packages to meet different requirements.
Tibet is known as the “roof of the world” with unique nature and culture. Since traveling in Tibet costs much more than in other cities, we offer affordable group tour packages and you can have an ideal Tibet tour with a small budget.

Tibet Group Tours

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Mt. Kailash
As the holiest Mountain in the world, Mt. Kailash attracts people from all over the world.It is not only because its scenery and religious unique identity,but also because there are many fantastic stories about it. Here is an interesting one.
Famous as the “third pole of the world”, Tibet attracts more and more travelers to explore its beauty.
More and more travelers want to explore Tibet, although travel in Tibet costs much more than in inland China. However, a Tibet vacation is affordable, and we offer group tour packages for you to save money.

Tibet Vacation Cost

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More and more travelers from all around the world want to admire its beauty, and it’s popular to have a Tibet vacation from inland China.
More and more foreign travelers want to admire the beauty of Tibet, and it’s popular to have a Tibet vacation from inland China. We provide various tour packages to meet different requirements.
Good News
Good news! 115 Tibetan Attractions are totally free of charge, including the famous Potala Palace.Tibet Autonomous Region in China announced that travelers in Tibet can enjoy preferential policies from February 1st to April 30th in 2018.
Beijing is the capital of China
Travel to Tibet from Beijing is a good choice because you can enjoy different culture and nature of two cities in China. You can travel to Lhasa from Beijing conveniently by train or by plane. We offer different packages in Tibet and you'll have a perfect travel.
Tibet Holidays
More and more travelers want to have a holiday in Tibet to experience a different life. We offer various itineraries for travelers all over the world to give you a perfect Tibet holiday.

Tibet Holidays

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Most Tibet Buddhist Holidays are related to Buddhism
As a sacred region with flourishing Buddhism, most Tibetan holidays are related to Buddhism. There are some details about Tibet Buddhist holidays which may interest you.
More and more challenging travelers want to have a unique experience in Tibet
Tibet is a huge region with charming landscapes. We can provide you customizable private tour packages which cover the breathtaking landscape, mysterious culture, spiritual experience, and Buddhist arts.

Tibet Private Tour

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A spiritual vacation in Tibet will change your life
Have a spiritual vacation in the holy land will change your life definitely.This vacation is specialized for those who are seeking a spiritual experience, for a Buddhist or an independent individual who want to explore and have a close encounter with this mysterious land.
Each year, more and more Malaysian travelers are going to Tibet. And they can choose to get Tibet via mainland China or via Kathmandu, Nepal.