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In addition to the mountainous terrain, there are many glacial lakes, valleys and other amazing landscapes in Tibet. With this awesome terrain, Tibet is considered to have the best hiking trail in the world. 
The most popular trekking routes with maps are listed below. For the easy trekking route, Ganden to Samye trek or Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek is the best choice; for the picturesque hiking trail, Nyenchen Tanglha to Holy Lake-Namtso trek is highly recommend; for the challenge hiking route, old Tingri to EBC and Mt.Kailsh trek should be considered.
Trekking map from old Tingri to EBC.
This trekking route is a classical route. It is considered as top 3 trekking routes among trekking lovers who prefer a challenging hiking. Trekking from Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp, you can appreciate the scenery at the north side of Mt. Everest. 
Ganden to Samye Trekking map.
Ganden to Samye Trek is a picturesque and relatively easy hiking route. This trek gives trekking lovers a chance to explore the hidden valleys and the life of Nomadic People. 
Mt. Kailash trekking map - the inner circle.
Mt.Kailsh Kora is regarded as the most sacred hiking route of Tibet. It is specially designed for the Pilgrims who would like to visit the sacred mountain Kailash. This trail is also one of the most challenging trekking routes in the world as the low oxygen content and extreme high altitude. 

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