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Tibet Travel Tips

Take photos at the roof of Jokhang Temple, the landmark of Tibet.
Travelers from the United Kingdom can fly to Kathmandu, then get to Lhasa by flight or road. Or else you may fly from London to mainland China, then to Lhasa by flight or train. Tibet Travel Permit is the necessary document so please book your Tibet Tours beforehand to get it.
Tibet tour
If you want to explore the mystery of Tibet and broaden your kids’ eyes, you may consider having a family Tibet tour with your kids. During this trip, not only can kids know about the traditional culture, but also they can communicate with local people.
Ngari is in the north Tibetan Plateau.
Tibet is the main part of the Tibetan Plateau, which is the highest plateau in the world and is known as the "Roof of the World". The landform can be roughly divided into the Himalayas Alpine Region, the South Tibetan Valley, the North Tibetan Plateau and the East Tibetan Alpine Valley.

Tibet Geography

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Scenery of Frankfurt.
Travelers can fly from major cities of Germany like Frankfurt and Munich to China such as Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hongkong, and Guangzhou then get to Tibet by flight and/or train. You also can travel to Tibet via Kathmandu, Nepal, then get to Lhasa by land/flight.
For elevation above 2,700 meters, altitude sickness is likely to happen.
Altitude sickness is a major concern for most travelers, which is a type of Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS). Since the average altitude of Tibet is above 4,000 meters, people from low altitude areas are likely to suffer it but you don't have to worry too much about altitude sickness.
This gesture usually used when someone serves tea for you and you don't want more.
You may need to know some etiquette and taboos of Tibet customs and traditions when you visit a Tibet family and famous monasteries, to ensure you do not offend anyone by mistake during your trip.
Things to know before traveling to Tibet
Tibet is a pilgrimage site for countless travels. However, Tibet is a plateau area with an average altitude of more than 4000 meters. There are 7 useful things you need to know before going to Tibet. The biggest concern is about altitude sickness.
Tibet scenery
Discover the 8 reasons why you should visit Tibet, including the breathtaking natural landscapes, unique and mysterious history and culture, a spiritual center, etc. Its unspoiled landscapes and natural beauty should be enough to prod you to book a trip to Tibet.

8 Top Reasons to Visit Tibet

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Kham is one of the 3 main traditional regions of Tibet, along with Ü‑Tsang region and the Amdo region. Kham includes parts of Sichuan, Tibet, Yunnan, and Qinghai Provinces. People who live in this region are Khampa. See more about Kham Tibet culture and customs.


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Philippine scenery
For tourists from Philippines to Tibet, you can either fly to mainland China or to Kathmandu, Nepal first then get to Tibet. The best option is via mainland China. No direct flight from Philippines to Kathmandu currently.
Fuji Mountain is the landmark scenic spot in Japan.
Getting to Tibet from Japan is easy for Japanese travelers. You can travel to Tibet via mainland China from Narita airport or Osaka Airport, then take a train or flight to Lhasa. Alternatively, you can also travel to Kathmandu then have a road/ flying trip to Lhasa.
Mount Kailash is an important pilgrimage destination for Hinduists.
There're two ways to travel from India to Tibet. The recommended way is to reach Tibet via Kathmandu as the cost is relatively cheaper. Another option is via China. For Indian pilgrims, you need a special visa to Mt.Kailash. We can provide a free consultation for you.

Travel to Tibet from India

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Travel to Tibet from Australia
If you are from Australia and desire to travel in Tibet, this article is just for you. Here is a detailed info about the documents you need before flying to China and Tibet as well as the transportaion from Australia to Tibet.
Sadhguru and a group of worshippers at Mt.Kailash
For travelers from New Delhi, there're two easiest ways to go to Kailash Mansarovar. The quickest way is to fly to Lhasa via Kathmandu and join in an overland tour. And the most popular way is to travel overland to Kailash Mansarovar.
travel to tibet from spain
There're two ways to travel to Tibet for tourists from Spain. One is to get through gateway cities in mainland China with your China Visa. Another way is to enter Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal with your China Group Visa, as well as your Tibet Travel Permit.
Travel to Tibet from China
There are three ways of entering Tibet if traveling through mainland China. Traveling by plane is the fastest option. Traveling by train through Qinghai Tibet Railway is the cheapest way. Traveling by road is time-consuming but you can discover hidden spots along the way.
butter tea
Tibetan food is waiting for you in Lhasa. A mix of healthy and delicious cuisines honed and perfected through years on the plateau. Popular dishes include Tsampa, butter tea, yak meat, yogurt, etc., which are also the staple diet in Tibet.
Galsang Flowe is the most representative Tibetan flower.
The landscape of Tibet is stunningly beautiful. And there's high air humidity, strong ultraviolet radiation, cold climate, thin and fresh air, as well as amazing alpine flowers and wild plants, which show the beauty of nature with shapes, colors, and subtle structures.
Packing list
What to pack for Tibet? This article gives travelers a detailed packing list to make you well-prepared before your Tibet travel, especially for those first-time visitors. Also, we provide some tips to prevent the altitude sickness, as it's what you need to know before you Tibet journey.
Trekking in Tibet
Want to go trekking in Tibet? Check here to see the top 10 treks, including Mt.Kailash Kora, Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen, Ganden Monastery to Samye, and so on. Read more about the best time for Tibet trekking, necessary documents and packing list.

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