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Tibet Travel Tips

Kailash parvat
Kailash Mansarovar is a pilgrimage site nestled in the Himalayas in Tibet. Over the years, Yatris across the world come to witness its mystical beauty.
Manasarovar Lake in Nagri
Top six rivers rising from Tibet are the Brahmaputra River, Yangtze River, Yellow River, Mekong River, Salween River, and Indus River.
Majestic Mount Everest
Mount Everest is located on the border between Tibet and Nepal. It's the main peak of the Himalayas and the highest mountain in the world.
Tibet and Nepal
Both Tibet and Nepal are situated high up in the Himalayas. Tibet is on the northern side of the Himalayas, while Nepal is on the southern side.

Tibet and Nepal

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Sadhguru and a group of worshippers at Mt.Kailash
For travelers from New Delhi, there're two easiest ways to go to Kailash Mansarovar. The most popular way is to travel overland via Kathmandu.
Tibetan Plateau
Tibetan Plateau is the world's highest plateau, known as the "roof of the world". Most areas are located in western China, and part of Kashmir.
Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff, belonging to the mastiffs, is a large-sized dog with a fierce personality. Tibetan Mastiff originates in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau.

Tibetan Mastiff

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The summit of Everest looks like a lion.
Can you believe that Mount Everest is NOT the tallest mountain on the earth and Mount Everest is older than the Himalayas? See more interesting facts.
318 national way
You can travel to Tibet by flight, train, or road from China OR by flight or road from Nepal. The best way depends on your place of departure and travel plans.
US tourists in Tibet
Americans can travel to Tibet via Chinese cities such as Beijing by flight or train. You also can travel to Tibet via Kathmandu by land or plane.
Boracay scenery
For tourists from the Philippines to Tibet, you are advised to fly to mainland China first. Please secure your China visa and Tibet travel permit prior.
Things to know before traveling to Tibet
Tibet is a pilgrimage site for countless travelers. There are 7 things you need to know before going to Tibet. The biggest concern is altitude sickness.
How to plan a trip to Tibet?
A trip to Tibet is not as tough as you thought. It has a unique landscape, mysterious Tibetan Buddhism, and many other fantastic things for you to explore.
Take photos at the roof of Jokhang Temple, the landmark of Tibet.
Travelers from the United Kingdom can fly to mainland China then to Lhasa by flight or train. Or Brits can fly to Kathmandu then to Lhasa by flight or road.
Vancouver, the capital city of Tibet
There are multiple ways to travel from Canada to Tibet, mainly via mainland China or Nepal. You may choose according to your travel plan.
Mount Kailash trekking tour
What to pack for your Mt.Kailash trekking tour? You don't have to carry all the items for the 3-day Kailash trek. Here's the list you might need.
 Many elderly people usually think twice about traveling to Tibet.
The answer is definitely YES as plenty of people above 70 years of age have been to Tibet. There are caveats and preparations that you should take heed of.
Delta Airlines
For US citizens, you can travel to Tibet via mainland China or Nepal. You need to apply for China Visa or China Group Visa and obtain your Tibet visa prior.
Tibet scenery
If you are from Australia and traveling to Tibet, you can either fly to a mainland city of China or fly to Kathmandu of Nepal and then get to Lhasa.
St. Regis Lhasa Resort
Popular hotels in Tibet include Luxury hotels, comfortable hotels and economic hotels. Here's the list of best Tibet hotels for your consultation and booking.

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