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Tibet Holidays

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  • Last Updated: 2023-12-10

Want to have a holiday in Tibet? We can help you. We offer tailor-made holidays to travelers all around the world, so you can realize your Tibet dream conveniently. Which one are you interested in, trekking, sightseeing, hiking, spiritual tour, culture tour, or even having a yoga class in Tibet? Our packages are beyond your imagination.

On the massive Tibet plateau with an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level on average, Tibet is not only a mysterious land but also a beautiful place with breathtaking scenery. Although Tibet is remote and you should have some permit to access it, we can prepare the whole journey for you and nothing can stop you from exploring this marvelous land.

As a trustworthy Tibet travel agency, we have designed professional tour packages and run tours in Tibet since 2005. Based on our more than 10 years of experience, we guarantee you the Tibet Travel Permit, plane tickets as well as an unforgettable holiday once you book your tour. We offer local Tibetan tour guides and drivers, comfortable vehicles, cozy hotels and delicious meals. No forced shopping and no hidden cost. We serve every traveler wholeheartedly.

Tibet Holiday in Lhasa

Located in central Tibet, Lhasa is the capital of Tibet with 1300 years of history. Lhasa owns unique religious, historical sites, pure sky and devoted people. In our tour packages, you can choose to spend 4 or 5 days in this ancient city. Pay a visit to the splendid Potala Palace, have a look of worshipping pilgrims in front of the Jokhang Temple, and stroll in the busy Barkhor Street. Drive to the suburb of Lhasa, you’ll enjoy the famous Drak Yerpa, Sera Monastery, and Drepung Monastery. Buddhism exists everywhere in this city and remains in every Tibetan’s spirit. >> See more Lhasa holiday packages

Lhasa city far view.

Tibet Holiday at Everest Base Camp

Known as the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest attracts thousands of travelers to explore it every year. The awe-inspiring mountain has an altitude of 8848 meters, which is really spectacular. Although travelers can conquer it by themselves, you can get to the Everest Base Camp and enjoy the marvelous sunset and sunrise of the golden peak. Snow-capped mountains shine under the pure sky, and prayer flags out of Rongbuk Monastery show you the spirit of Buddhism. Enjoy your holiday at the top of the world. >> See more Everest Base Camp holiday packages

Mount Everest attracts thousands of travelers to explore it every year. The awe-inspiring mountain has an altitude of 8848 meters, which is really spectacular.

Tibet Holiday at Mount Kailash

Famous as “the center of the world”, Mount Kailash is the holy mountain of both Buddhism and Hinduism. Pilgrims all over the world come here to worship this holy place. You can join them and do kora around the mountain. After purifying your soul and spirit, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset of the holy Manasarovar Lake. >> See more Kailash Manasarovar holiday packages

Mt.Kailash at sunset


If you want to get out of your busy daily life, you want to get rid of the noisy crowd and charge your soul, you may consider a holiday to Tibet. Countless monasteries, wild animals and plants, lofty mountains, turquoise lakes, blue sky, and fresh air. We offer you the best holiday in Tibet where you can experience Tibetan culture and beautiful nature.

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