Situated in Nyingchi, Tibet, Yarlung Zangbu Grand Canyon is the longest and the deepest valley.  With the length of 504.9 kilometers and the depth of 6009 meters, Yarlung Zangbu Grand Canyon combined with glaciers, cliffs, steep slopes, and running rivers, Yarlung Zangbu Grand Canyon is crowned as “The Last Fairyland In the World”. Here, the environment condition is very complex and bad. At the downstream of the Yarlung Zangbu River, the river bypasses the mysterious Namcha Barwa and shapes a “U”, which has become one of the famous highlights of the grand canyon.

Due to the complex terrain environment, Yarlung Zangbu Grand Canyon possess the most complete ecosystem and varies of creatures. There are some attractions which are worthy of being recommended to you, such as Gega Spring, Namcha Barwa, Bend of the Yarlung Zangbu River, Four Springs, Yumei Mountains, etc. Photographing, sightseeing, exploring the valley, river, and glaciers are very thrilling and interesting in this 4A tourist attraction.

The climate is mild all year around. April charms with peach blossoms, but tours to the valley in the rainy season of June and July are not advised. If you are fond of trekking, you’d better enter Tibet from April to May, from August to October.

When you take the land route, you have no reason to miss the following four scenic spots listed below. If you are lucky enough, you can see the summit of the mysterious Namcha Barwa.

The first scenic spot is an ancient tree with thousands of years’ history which was planted by Songzain Gambo and Princess Wenchen. Looking far into the distance, you can see the snow-mountains are shining in the bright sunshine. According to the legend, taking a circle with the tree can bring fortune, taking two circles can bring wealth, and taking three circles can encounter your Mr.Right / Miss.White.

The second scenic spot is a peach tree which grows on the brink of the cliff. The stone is divided into two parts by this tenacious tree.

The third scenic spot the Yarlung Zangbu Grand Canyon. Standing on the platform, you can see the bend of the Yarlung Zangbu River and feel the majestic view of the running water.

The fourth scenic spot is the stone tablet of the name Namcha Barwa where is the best place to see this grand mountain. Lost of travelers taking photos here.

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