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Why Not To Mention Tibet when apply China Visa?

Why Not To Mention Tibet when apply China Visa? You will hear this suggestion often from any experienced tour consultants, but why it is so? --- it is because if you mention that you would travel Tibet during your stay in China, China Embassy would requires you to present Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit (also called Tibet Travel Permit, short for TTB), but here in Tibet, Tibet Tourism Bureau would not issue TTB until China Visa copy is provided. To sum up they are contradictory policies of different government departments which never get fixed, somehow.

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Independent travelers cannot get tibet travel permit without a tour currently.

Permit without Tour

Some of tourists want to obtain Tibet Permits without tour while according to the regulations, it is impossible for us to help with Tibet Travel Permits for independent travelers anymore.

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Tibet Tourism Bureau is a national administration.

Tibet Tourism Bureau

Tibet Travel Permit, which also known as “Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit” or “TTB Permit”, is the indispensable permit for international travelers to travel to Tibet.

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China group visa

China Group Visa

International travelers who will enter Tibet from Nepal, have to apply for China Group Visa from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. So, what is China Group Visa? How to get it?

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China visa

China Visa

Travel agencies need China Visa to obtain Tibet Permit for those foreign travelers who will get to Tibet from mainland China. How to smoothly apply for China Visa in your country? Check this and find the answer.

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tibet permit

Tibet Travel Permits

Tibet Permit is needed to board a train or plane to Lhasa besides your Chinese Visa. Your pre-arranged itinerary through a legal travel agency in Lhasa before arriving in Tibet will be listed in your Tibet Permit.

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