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We have a meaningful word in Chinese. “Life is not only about living but still with poems and dreaming of far-away places”. Living with poems means human-beings should make lives delightful. Dreaming of far-away places implies the desire for traveling and increasing knowledge. To have a vacation in an unfamiliar place can get people relaxed and open the mind. Everybody deserves a holiday after a period of hard working. So, with the development of the economy, more and more people start to go out and see the world.

Known as the “Roof of the world”, Tibet is no doubt to be one of the hottest tourist destination to the worldwide travelers, because it has exceptional advantages of tourism resources on both natural attractions and rich culture. In Tibet, you can enjoy the amazing landscape, such as the towering mountains, beautiful lakes, isolated scenery of the off-the-beaten-path area; you can also see the distinctive architecture with strong Tibetan Buddhism features. What more, you can learn how Tibetan people admire the nature reverently. Standing under the pure blue sky, surrounding with the warm sunshine, receiving the benediction from a hospitable but unknown Tibetan people, you will understand why Tibet is regarded as one of the last virgin places in the world.

Dated back to 30 years, Tibet was kind of a “forbidden” land, which was very difficult to get access, especially for foreigners. But, this situation only enhanced its appeal to travelers. After the door opened, thousands of tourists flowed into Tibet and eagerly explored its unique beauty. Having a Tibet Holiday become a popular trend in tourism.

Great Tibet Tour (hereafter referred as GTT) emerged at the right moment. For more than 12 years, GTT has been committing itself to provide a dreaming Tibet vacation for travelers all over the world. As a local tour operator based in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region, GTT offers one-stop service for foreign visitors. From Tibet Travel Permits to international or domestic air/train tickets, from comfortable hotels to licensed vehicles, from budget small group tours to flexible private tours, count on us, you don’t have to worry about anything. We have a team of Tibet tour experts who can help you plan a satisfied itinerary according to your requests and schedule. We also have the experienced English-speaking Tibetan tour guide and driver who can make your holidays in Tibet interesting and safe.

Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on earth, you can stand on its shoulder to touch the sky. Namtso, Yamdrotso, Manasarovar, top three holy lakes in Tibet, each one has its different charm. Mt. Kailash, the center of the world, it is said that doing a kora tour around this sacred mountain can amend your sins made before. Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, and other countless religious places, are waiting for you to discover the secrets of this mysterious wonderland. Delicious Tibetan food, famous butter tea, tasty Tibetan yogurt, try all of them and enjoy an authentic Tibetan lifestyle.

So, have a crush on Tibet holidays already? Contact us and start an incredible vacation to Tibet now!

There are numerous of Indians traveling to Tibet every year

Tibet Holiday from India

Tibet, the holy land of Buddhism plays a special role in the Buddhist Culture. India is a country with a large number of Buddhists. Thus, there is an intimate association between Tibet and India for thousands of years. There are numerous Indian people plan a Tibet holiday from India.

Tibet is an ideal destination for a vacation.

Tibetan Vacation

As a holy land located in the far west of Asia, Tibet is an ideal destination for a vacation. Having a Tibetan vacation, you can renew, refresh and purify your body and mind.

Nepal is recognized as the kingdom of the Himalayas, with 10 UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites.

Holidays in Tibet and Nepal

Nepal and Tibet are both popular travel destinations for travelers. Have a holiday in Tibet and Nepal will offer you a unique experience by exploring different nature and culture.

Have a holiday in Tibet is a good choice

Tibet Holiday Package

We offer hand-picked group tour and private tour packages to travelers all around the world. As an international traveler who wants to have a holiday in Tibet, you can book our tours and free yourself from planning itineraries on this massive land.

Tibet is a holy land dotted with sacred monasteries and temples. Unique religious culture attracts travelers to explore this mysterious place.

Tibet Monastery Vacation

Tibet is a holy land dotted with sacred monasteries and temples. To have a monastery vacation in Tibet, you can enjoy magnificent monasteries with different styles and feel pilgrims' devoted spirits.

Famous as the “third pole of the world”, Tibet attracts more and more travelers to explore its beauty.

Tibet Vacation Cost

More and more travelers want to explore Tibet, although travel in Tibet costs much more than in inland China. However, a Tibet vacation is affordable, and we offer group tour packages for you to save money.

More and more travelers from all around the world want to admire its beauty, and it’s popular to have a Tibet vacation from inland China.

China Tibet Vacations

More and more foreign travelers want to admire the beauty of Tibet, and it’s popular to have a Tibet vacation from inland China. We provide various tour packages to meet different requirements.

Tibet Holidays

Tibet Holidays

More and more travelers want to have a holiday in Tibet to experience a different life. We offer various itineraries for travelers all over the world to give you a perfect Tibet holiday.

Most Tibet Buddhist Holidays are related to Buddhism

Tibet Buddhist Holidays

As a sacred region with flourishing Buddhism, most Tibetan holidays are related to Buddhism. There are some details about Tibet Buddhist holidays which may interest you.

A spiritual vacation in Tibet will change your life

Tibet Spiritual Vacations

Have a spiritual vacation in the holy land will change your life definitely.This vacation is specialized for those who are seeking a spiritual experience, for a Buddhist or an independent individual who want to explore and have a close encounter with this mysterious land.

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