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Trithapuri Monastery(芝达布寺) is located to the west of Gangdise Mountains and about 8 kilometers southwest of Moincer, which in turn is 65km west of Darchen along the main paved road to Ali. On the banks of the Sutlej, only a few hours’ drive northwest of Darchen, the Trithapuri Hot Springs is the place where pilgrims traditionally bathe after completing their circuit of Mt Kailash. The one-hour kora around the site is interesting. Thirteen Trithapuri koras are considered to bring equal merit as one Kalash kora.

Trithapuri Hot Spring is located next to the road. It is said that it can treat stomach problems, gout and other diseases with excellent results. Many Tibetans come here specifically to soak in the hot springs, and some even worship the hot springs.

Trithapuri Monastery is located on a small hill nearby and must be climbed. Once upon a time, Master Padmasambhava once practiced here, and later the monastery was built by the Nyingma monk Dozha Lama Quny Sampo.

Although the monastery was later converted to the Kagyu sect, the statues of Master Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal are still enshrined in the temple. There is a large Mani Wall outside the temple. Legend has it that the devil shot an arrow to attack Master Padmasambhava and the master stopped the flight of the arrow and turned it into a wall.

According to the Dzogchen of the Nyingma sect, this place is the palace of Dorje Pammu, and the temple houses the sacred footprints of Dorje Pammu when she was eight years old. Dorje Pammu is a Tibetan language and is known as the "Mother of Buddhas" and "Mother of All Wisdom".

The monastery is surrounded by red and white strange rocks and various naturally formed images, which are lifelike. On the guide board at the entrance of the scenic spot, there are more than 30 sacred sites marked with natural manifestations. You can look for them according to the guideboard.

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