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Shuba Ancient Fort is situated in the Gongbogyamda County, about 55 km away from the county seat. It was constructed with stones and wood in Tang Dynasty, even 300 years earlier than the worldly famous Potala Palace. It is the most famous scenic spot in Niyang River Scenic Belt. Xiuba Ancient Castle is composed of 5 castles with different heights, ranging from 20 to 60 meters respectively. Originally, there were totally 7 castles. Meanwhile, due to years without restoration, 2 of them have collapsed and there only left the existing 5 castles. However, among the 5 castles, only 3 were are in relatively good condition.

The first one is Batang Ancient Castle group with an area of 1400 square meters. The second one is Xueka Village Ancient Castle group. The third one is Xiuba Millenary Ancient Castle group. The walls of the castles are about 2 m thick. The roof has overlooking holes that are used to watch far, to shoot arrows to the enemies, or to set off smoke signals. 

The is another castle called  Praying Tower with five-storey. It is 28 meters high and once was used to pray for military triumph. There is a giant prayer wheel with a diameter of 3 meters in the tower. A large quantity of Tibetan would come here to pray for health, peace and happiness. 

Xiuba means “skinning” in Tibetan language. Long time ago, there lived 2 monks who practiced different sects, one for Bon and another for Gelug. However the Bon sect got more power than Gelug. The monk of Bon imprisoned the one of Gelug and finally skinned him after a Buddhism argumentation. Hence, this monastery got this name “Shuba ”.   

Shuba Ancient Castles integrated the cultural relics and natural landscapes. It keeps attracting visitors here for sightseeing and exploring its ancient castles and local folk customs.

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