With an average altitude of over 4500 meters, Ngari is located in the westernmost part of the Tibetan Plateau. It is the interlaced place of the Himalayas, the Gangdise, the Kunlun Mountains and other majestic mountain ranges. This mysterious land is the least populated area in the world except for no man's land. In Ngari, you will find the vast and desolate of the extraordinary landscape as far as you can see. Every mountain and river here is endowed with divinity. There are holy lakes, huge glaciers, vast grasslands, spectacular snowy mountains, as well as clay forests and ruins.

In the vast land of Ngari, every scene seems to be sighing at the smallness of life and the vastness of nature. Walking into this land, time seems to go back a million years. It's like entering the unopened world of prehistory, leaving only piety and awe in your heart. And there are soaring eagles and running antelopes, as well as the most dazzling starry sky in the world. In addition, the charm of Ngari is also shown in some famous attractions, such as Mt. Kailash--the mountains of the gods, Lake Manasarovar--one of the great three lakes in Tibet, Zanda Clay Forest--the masterpiece of nature, Tholing Monastery--flying monastery, Guge Kingdom--lost glory, Pangong Lake--a paradise for birds, etc.

Lake Manasarovar is the most transparent fresh water lake in China. It supports life while the salt lake Rakshas Tal lies next to it supports no life.

Lake Manasarovar

Lake Manasarovar is regarded as the “Holy Land for the Center of the World” by the pious Buddhists because of the charming scenery.
Holy mountain Kailash is next to sacred lake Manasarovar.

Mt. Kailash

Mt Kailash(冈仁波齐峰)is a peak in the Kailash Range (Gangdisê Mountains), which forms part of the Transhimalaya in Tibet.
In 1624, a Jesuit missionary and his companion arrived Guge Kindom. They saw irrigation canals and rich crops in what is now a dry and desolate land.

Guge Kingdom (Tsaparang)

The barren, eroded landscape around modern Zanda is unlike any you will have encountered so far and seems an improbable location for a major civilization to have developed.
With the background of Himalays, you will have a visual feast at Zanda Clay Forest.

Zanda Clay Forest

Located in Zanda County, Ngari of Tibet, China, Zanda Clay Forest is the most famous geomorphic landscape in Zanda County.
Qugu Monastery is a little monastery at the foot of Mt.Kailash.

Qugu Monastery

Located in the Purang County of Ngari Prefecture, Qugu Monastery is the first tourist destination for Mt.
Rakshas situated in Purang County, Ngari, Tibet.


When mentioned the holiest lake in Tibet, most people will have the sacred lake - Manasarovar Lake in mind.
Best time to visit King Tiger Hot springs is in September.

King Tiger Hot Springs

Only 21km north of the Raka junction are the Tagyel Chutse, or King Tiger Hot Springs.
Perched on a 100-meter-high cliff, Gossul Monastery lies to the west of Manasarovar Lake.

Gossul Monastery

Located further south along the shore of Lake Manasarovar, Gossul Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhism Stupa.
Pangongtso Lake reflects the sky.

Pangongtso Lake

Pangong Tso is a lake in the western part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and located on the border between Tibet and Kashmir.
Darchen is a small villiage at the foot of Mt. Kailash


Darchen,Tarchan or Taqin(塔钦)is a small village in Purang County of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.
Outside Trithapuri Monastery, there's a large circle of mani stones marking the spot.

Trithapuri Monastery

Trithapuri Monastery(芝达布寺) &Hot Springs is 9km south of Moincer, which in turn is 65km west of Darchen along the main paved road to Ali.
Chiu Monastery is located on the west bank of the holy lake, Manasarovar, Ngari region, Tibet.

Chiu Monastery

Chiu Monastery is 33 kilometres south of Darchen, on the northwestern shore of Lake Manasarovar.
Tholing Monastery is the oldest monastery (or gompa) in the Ngari.

Tholing Monastery

Tholing Monastery (Tuolin si 托林寺) is the oldest monastery (or gompa) in the Ngari Prefecture of western Tibet.

Lhasa- Gyantse - Shigatse - EBC - Saga - Darchen - Mt Kailash Kora - Lake Manasarovar - Saga - Shigatse - Lhasa

The highest mountain in the world – Everest and the center of the universe – Kailash, are included in this classic itinerary. You will visit the famous Everest Base Camp and trek for three days around the holy Kailash to complete a sacred kora and get purified.

Lhasa – Gyantse – Shigatse - EBC – Saga – Darchen - Mt Kailash Kora – Lake Manasarovar - Saga – Shigatse – Lhasa

It could be a glory to go on a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash during Saga Dawa Festival. On the journey,you can visit most of the top monasteries and holy lakes in Tibet. Follow your heart and start a journey of blessing and purification!

Lhasa – Gyantse – Shigatse - EBC - Saga – Darchen - Kailash Trek - Lake Manasarovar – Zhongba - Lhatse - Shigatse - Lhasa

This tour can lead tourists to explore Tibetan culture more deeply than other packages. But it’s a challenge to tourists’ physical body, so you’d better make sure you are in a good condition to complete this pilgrimage to the holy Mt. Everest and Mt. Kailash.

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