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In spring, bunches of the wild peach flowers are blooming on the plain, accompany with the snow-capped mountains in the distance and the blue sky above the head
With the lowest elevation in Tibet, Nyingchi has the same stunning scenery as Switzerland. Especially in March – April, the peach flowers are blooming in the mountain. Do you want a journey with your lover to the most romantic place in Tibet?
Damgxung Horse Racing Festival
Introduce the Horse Racing Festival in Damgxung, including the name, venue, activities, and opening time in 2017, help travelers know more about Tibetan culture and plan a Tibet tour to attend the festival in person.
RMB 10, 50, 100 YUAN
What bothers you a lot when you are packing your luggage for your Tibet tours? Money! What kind of currency does it use in Tibet? If credit cards are acceptable? Check this post and find the answers.
Gyantse Zong
Shigatse is the second largest city in Tibet comes after Lhasa, and also the center of the traditional Tibetan region of Tsang. The gentle weather and the attractive scenic spots make it become a hot tourist destination for foreign travelers.
How to Make a perfect trip in Lhasa
Lhasa is a wonderful place for many tourists around the world. They usually concentrated on how to arrange a perfect trip in this holy land. Today we will provide some information about the top concerns about Lhasa tour.
Tibetan Cliff and Rock Carving 1
Tibet is a land with long history and rich traditional cultures. As one of the most important heritages from ancient time, Tibetan Cliff and Rock Carving is known for its unique style and exquisite appearance.
A 2nd Railway from Chengdu to Lhasa is Underway
A 2nd railway line from Chengdu to Lhasa is underway that will wind through some of the world’s most mountainous and inhospitable territory and likely take a decade to complete. Currently the train from Chengdu to Lhasa still goes the longer route via Xining, which takes about 43hrs. The planned 2nd railway will go directly from Chengdu to Lhasa, through the mountains from Kangding in Sichuan to Nyingchi in Tibet. Once completed, the travel time will be cut from 43 to about 13 hours.
Tibet shopping
Tibet is not only a place with beautiful views, but also a land of unique cultures. There are a lot of special and valuable stuff which you can find in most of the local shops when you take a journey to Tibet.
Ganden Thangka Showing Festival 5
As one of the top 3 monasteries in Lhasa, Ganden Monastery was founded by Tsongkhapa who is a great master and the founder of Gelug sect in Tibetan Buddhism. Ganden Thangka Showing Festival is a traditional feast which attracted thousands of pilgrims and visitors every year. Take a journey of discovery and spirituality to the temple and have an excellent experience in the holy land of Tibet.
7 most famous delicacy in Tibet
As a pure land with a long history and a unique customs, Tibet attracts more and more travelers all over the world. Being an important part of the Tibetan culture, the delicacy there is special and delicious. These excellent cuisines are not to be missed if you want a tour in Tibet.
Top Three Holy Lakes in Tibet - Namtso
Top Three Holy Lakes in Tibet, Namtso, Manasarovar and Yamdroktso. The lakes in Tibet have a distinct charm that is different with other lakes on the planet, not only because of the high altitude, but also the religious overtones. Waters are the origin of life, especially when facing the extremely bad natural conditions, the lakes mean a lot for the Tibetan people. All the lakes on the plateau are considered as sacred places.
Should I stay overnight at the lakeside of Namtso? -- This is a questions often asked by travelers. As a local agency, we here below give you the pros & cons of staying overnight at the lakeside of Namtso, but as how to choose it exactly, it depends on what kind of traveler you are, essentially what kind of person you are.
Here Great Tibet Tour provides you with the towns & sights in Tibet by elevation, both in meter and feet, in order to give you a rough idea of what you will be dealing with, also to help you select towns & sights you will to visit which suits you best.
Tibet group tour
I believe that every people who want to plan a Tibet tour must figure out this question first. How to choose a local Tibetan tour agency?