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Tashi Delek! I am Zoe, a marketing staff from the Great Tibet Tour. I hold the opinion that “Life is a journey, not for the destination, but the scenery along the way and the emotion to appreciate.” When I was a student in my senior school and college, I liked reading traveling articles and found highlights of different scenic spots in China. After graduated, I have traveled to Beijing, Xi’an, Hangzhou and Tibet, and find that Tibet is a majestic region in China. Now, I choose to become a marketing staff in Great Tibet Tour to work out more competitive tour products and summarize better traveling routes to meet tourists’ demand.

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Chengdu is the nearest major city to Lhasa. Many travelers go to Chengdu first by international flight, then take train to Lhasa to visit this mysterious land.

Chengdu Lhasa Train

April 29, 2020

We got tens of Tibet Travel Permits each day.

Permit Application

April 29, 2019