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Nyingchi Peach Bloosom Festival

In most foreign travelers’ opinions, Tibet is a plateau with barren land and snow-capped mountains. The view of Tibet is almost grand or spectacular and has nothing to with idyllic or pastoral style. But there is such a place in Tibet that will shock you, where you may feel confused, “Am I arriving at Switzerland”? In fact, it is Nyingchi Prefecture, in the southeast of Tibet Autonomous Region, also a gateway to Tibet from Yunnan and Sichuan.

 Nyingchi is an unparalleled beautiful picture no matter when you press your shutter of the camera.

As “the Throne of Sun”, Nyingchi is a familiar tour destination for domestic tourists. Chinese gave another name to Nyingchi - “the Jiangnan in Tibet”. Jiangnan is a prosperous area in the south of the Yangtze River. As the name implies, you can imagine the scenery of it - totally different from the rest of Tibet. The deepest canyon in the world - the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon is located here. When spring comes, Nyingchi will be the sea of peach flowers. So the most attractive activity in Nyingchi is the “Peach Flower Festival” once in a year. Thousands of travelers come to join this festival and let the blooming peach flower witness their love.

The Himalayas and Nyainqentanglha Mountains are like two dragons protecting Nyingchi and join Hengduan Mountains in the east. There forms a gap where the warm air that comes from the Indian Ocean could flow into Nyingchi. Thus, the climate of Nyingchi is mixed with the features of Tropic and Subtropics. The semi-humid weather and abundant precipitation promote the growth of lush, green forested areas. That’s why you can see the gorgeous scenery in Nyingchi all year round, especially in spring, bunches of the wild peach flowers are blooming on the plain, accompany with the snow-capped mountains in the distance and the blue sky above the head. Just like a visitor said, anywhere in Nyingchi is an unparalleled beautiful picture no matter when you press your shutter of the camera. More and more travelers come to enjoy the peach flower, finally, the government held the first “Peach Flower Festival” in 2002 and made it an annual tradition afterward.

 Nyingchi scenery

In March, there is an ocean of flowers in Nyingchi while the other places in Tibet are still covering with snow. Pink peach flowers seem to blossom all over the plain after one night. The best place to enjoy the flowers is Gala village, where there is a small river named Niyang. The peach flowers are growing along with the riverside, interspersing in the green wheat fields. You will get drunk into this colorful scene and achieve inner peace. Here's the best route:  Bayi Town → Gala Village → Kasimu Village → Daze Village → Nichi Village → Gala Village → Bayi Town.

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