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Tibet Festival Tour

Tibet Festival Tour

Tibet's traditional festivals offer everything from horse racing to monk dances, plus the opportunity to mingle with a Tibetan crowd picnicking and partying in their finest garb.  

Tibetan festivals are held according to the Tibetan lunar calendar, which usually lags at least a month behind the solar calendar. The exact dates are often only fixed by monasteries a few months in advance.

While there are various versions of the exact dates of Tibetan festivals in 2022 of the solar calendar, Great Tibet Tour offers you the most accurate of all which is double-checked and confirmed by Mentsekhang - Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, which is in charge of researching for Tibetan medicine and calculating Tibetan calendar.

Tibetan Opera is also being called as the living fossil of Tibet culture.
This itinerary will show you one of the grandest festivals in Tibetan - Shoton Festival. It starts on August 22 of Tibetan calendar. You will never miss a good chance to see giant "Thanka" of Buddha in Drepung Monastery and watch wonderful Tibetan operas in Norbulingka.
Horse Racing Festival in Nagchu
As one of the grandest festivals in north Tibet, the Nagchu Horse Racing Festival is a period when the roof of the world comes into a golden season for travel. You'll get into the vast and beautiful grassland and witness the thrilling horse racing as well as the beauty of Lhasa and Lake Namtso.
With a history of more than 600 years, the Gyantse Horse Racing Festival is a reflection of the distinctive cultures and religious tradition of Tibet. Not only that, you’ll also visit most of the famous scenic spots in Lhasa and Shigatse in the trip.
There're very grand events at the foot of Mt. Kailash during the Saga Dawa Festival.
It could be a glory to go on a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash during Saga Dawa Festival. On the journey, you can visit most of the top monasteries and holy lakes in Tibet. Follow your heart and start a journey of blessing and purification!

14 Days Mt Kailash Kora during Saga Dawa Festival

Lhasa – Gyantse – Shigatse - EBC – Saga – Darchen - Mt Kailash Kora – Lake Manasarovar - Saga – Shigatse – Lhasa
Tsurphu Festival
This Tsurphu Dance ceremony has a history of nearly a thousand years. If you are interested in Buddhist myths and legends, how about joining this visual feast?
Cham dance at Samye Monastery
On the journey, you could visit some of the most important monasteries in Tibet and experience the mysterious Buddhist ceremony there. Besides, Chongye Burial Mounds, the largest scale mausoleum in Tibet is waiting for you to discover.
Ganden Thangka Festival
The package that arranges the top three monasteries in Tibet together is specially designed for those who want to get close to Buddhist culture. As the ancestral monastery of the Gelug Sect, Ganden Monastery is the highlight of this trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Losar Festival (Tibetan New Year) of 2020? And what is Losar Festival exactly? Can we visit Tibet during that time?

The Losar Festival 2020 falls on 24th. February, one month later than the Chinese New Year. It’s the most significant traditional festival for the Tibetan people. People spend with family and friends. There are also Buddhist events, like the pilgrimage around Jokhang Temple, praying in the monasteries, etc. However, due to the unique background, Tibet usually keeps closed to foreigners from February to March. Thus, you could not visit Tibet during the Losar Festival.

Usually, from June to September, there are many big Tibetan festivals. For example, Saga Dawa Festival 2020 starts on the 5th. June. Shoton Festival 2020 falls on the 20th. August. And Horse Racing festivals in different areas, such as Gyantse, Naqu, will be held in July or August. So, if you want to explore the Tibetan culture and attend those festivals in person, you could choose to visit Tibet during those periods. Please note July to August is also the peak season of Tibet tourism, which means the tour cost is relatively higher.

Our 14-day Kailash Kora tour during Saga Dawa Festival is the right choice. Saga Dawa Festival is to celebrate the date (15th. day of the fourth month in the Tibetan calendar) that Sakyamuni’ birth, enlightenment, and passed into Parinirvana. There are a lot of devote disciples to do the pilgrim around Kailash, which will get you impressed definitely.

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