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Feedback from Customers

Ever since 2005, Great Tibet Tour designed and operated various and unique tours in Tibet with a team of Tibet travel experts. We are devoted to handpick the best things to do in Tibet tour so that you have a once-in-a-life experience. In the real customers' reviews and testimonials, you will know the diverse routes experienced by our customers and what they have said about our service, hotels, tour guides, sights, food, travel plans, etc. If you still have some question, you can directly contact us for detailed information.

Sakya Monastery

12 Days Lhasa Mt Everest & Mt Kailash Kathmandu Group Tour

First of all, let me thank you and your team for the very nice trip I had in/around Chengdu and Tibet. All went very well and smoothly and I enjoyed it a lot.
Sophie was a real joy to have as a guide, very kind, helpful and enthusiastic - big thanks to her for making me feel very comfortable on the Chengdu part of my trip.
The drivers did a good job as well, I always felt safe and especially liked the Tibetan music the driver in Tibet was playing when we were on the road. It created a nice background sphere to the stunning landscapes we passed through. Doji was also a good guide to have in Tibet. He cared very well for the group's well-being and also had good knowledge of the sights we visited. The size and comfort of the vehicles were just perfect for our small parties. I was astonished about the good quality of the rather basic accommodations at EBC and even at the Mt. Kailash Kora (electrically heated beds - wow).

It went well! All the guides and driver were amazing. Hotels were good. sights and activities were fun. Only thing i’d say for the future when someone says they want to go to pokara from kathmandu, i’d let them know it’s a 7 hour each way drive and the road is terrible, haha. They might think twice about doing that instead of flying. That’s it though l oved it.

Thanks so much for your help Merry!

5 Days Lhasa & Ganden Monastery Group Tour

The tour we took - 5 Days Lhasa Ganden Group Tour - was very interesting and enjoyable. Tibetan culture and monasteries are formidable. Guide Lhankdon was always very helpful, competent, and attentive. The driver was also always very friendly. Jennie was always very attentive to our requests and how we obtained permission to visit Tibet. Everything went very well with GreatTibetTour. Both my wife and I loved this experience in Tibet. Everything was excellent.

Paro Dzong

13 Days Classic Tibet Nepal Bhutan Group Tour

As I return home from my Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet adventures, I owe you a very BIG “ THANK YOU “, for making it one if not the best trip ever!

Your thorough planning, flawless execution and above all your willingness to respond to ALL of my questions is most appreciated.

I must give a big compliment to your staff in each location for their going the extra mile mile.

I will always remember the two guides and drivers who treated me like part of their extended families as we spent so much time together. They added so much to this adventure through their professional but yet personal touch. I can’t say enough “great” things about them. I would certainly join them again on any trip. They were EXCEPTIONAL in every aspect of my once-in-a-lifetime journey.

If I ever plan another trip to your part of the world I will certainly call on you for your expertise. That being said, you might not take my call!!!!

Thanks again


Everest Base Camp

15 Days Mt.Everest & Mt.Kailash Kora Pilgrimage Group Tour

Now that our tour is over, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help in organizing this great experience!

We would like to point out that we really liked the driver who picked us up from the train station on our first day! Of course we only interacted with him shortly but he left such a good impression that we wanted to share this with you.

Also two little suggestions for improvement:
1. On day 5 of the tour, we agreed with our fellow travellers that we would leave out the visit of Tashilunpo Monastery in the morning and go straight to EBC. Despite leaving it out, we still arrived at EBC very late (around 8.30pm). We suggest that the monastery is removed from the itinerary as otherwise the day would be very, very long.
2. What is advertised as "Everest Base Camp" on the website is not the real EBC. We think that this should be made clear so that no one is disappointed.

For future reference, there is definitely a public bus going from Rasuwa Ghadi to Syapru Besi (we are also pretty sure that it continues on to Kathmandu). We took the bus from just after the immigration office to Syapru Besi, it took about 45-60min and cost us 150 Rupees (about USD 1.13) per person.

The way to Mt.Everest

8 Days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt.Everest Tour

The trip was great, everything was very smooth, and well taken care of. I must also really thank you for helping with the train tickets last minute, you were a great help! I was quite worried haha.

The guide you provided, Lhakdon, was excellent. She is a very warm person, and genuinely helpful. For example, my father broke his spectacles accidentally one night, and I messaged her at 9pm asking if she had super-glue or knew a place to buy new spectacles. The next morning she turned up at 9am with a tube of super glue, and we were able to fix the spectacles! She really went above and beyond to help us.

She always made sure we were comfortable and taken care of, at restaurants she would stop eating and come over to help us order food, get utensils, get drinks etc. service standard is very high. 

Lhakdon also helped us outside of the tour time, brought us to various shops, to look for specific items we wanted. These shops were also cheaper and better in quality than the usual tourist traps. Places where locals would buy from.

The driver Pen Pal was also good, a friendly guy. Though he didn't speak English, we could converse in Mandarin. His driving was very safe, smooth ride all the way. No speeding, no sudden acceleration/braking/swerving. Great driver!

The only real criticism I have is perhaps for the choice of hotels. The place in Lhasa was a big hotel (Xinding) but frankly it is poorly run by international standards. The room heaters weren't really working, told them to come up and help, but it was still freezing and no offer to change our rooms. The lobby itself was pretty much cold the whole time, the electricity went out a couple of times. Not really what I'm used to from a big hotel, not sure if this is just what Tibetan hotels are like. The shigatse hotel was smaller, but also similar problems with the heating in winter. 

The guesthouse on everest was actually my favorite, very cosy. It was cold yes, because of the location, but didn't expect that much from a guesthouse either. The heated beds were a very nice touch, and made the night very comfortable in an extreme environment. They have a nice warm restaurant area also where there's tea and noodles. 

Please express the thanks and appreciation from my Dad and I to Lhakdon and the driver. If my friends or I ever go to Tibet again we will definitely request for them again!


Namtso Lake

5 Days Lhasa & Namtso Lake Tour

Everything went very smoothly. The guide was very knowledgeable and the driver and car for Lake Namtso were great. The hotel was in a good location for walking to the tourist area. I also appreciated Merry's ability to arrange the train from Xining. It was an awesome trip!

Many thanks for all of Merry's help and support to make this possible!


Jokhang Temple

5 Days Lhasa & Ganden Monastery Group Tour

We had a wonderful stay in Lhasa. Thanks so much for your services. Only some minor issues for your consideration:

We requested 2 suites at House of Shambhala and were originally given 1 family suite for 4. Fortunately, the hotel was able to immediately accommodate us, so no harm done. Also, we were informed that breakfast wasn't included for this hotel 'upgrade' when in fact it was included, which was a bonus. Just letting you know for future reference. By the way, the hotel was outstanding.

Some initial confusion as to who our guide(s) would be and arrival details. I had to reach out to you a few times when the hour was getting late to secure details that I feel should have been more proactive contact on the acency's/tour guides part. In the end, however, everything worked out fine.

The initial itinerary that was sent to me called for Drepung/Sera on first full day, then Potala/Jokhang the next day. We ended up doing Potala first day and were grouped with 3 other tourists. Not a huge problem and we are used to having to be flexible when we travel, but would have been nice to have more acclimation to altitude as originally planned before trying to take on Potala! But again, not a major issue for us.

Outside of these minor observations, the tour was wonderful and we found Lhasa to be a magical place. Dolji was very good as our 1st day guide, but Lobsang was one of the best tour guides we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Cannot say enough about him. So friendly and knowlegable. 

And beyond any communication issues that may have been due to your email outages around the time of our arrival, I very much appreciated your timely and informative responses to all my inquiries during the initial planning stages. I would definately recommend Great Tibet Tours to anyone I know planning travel to Tibet. 

Gyantse Kumbum

8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Group Tour

the tour was great! I had a wonderful time and Tibet was spectacular. Our driver was very professional and I felt safe in the car. 
Lobsang was a wonderful guide with a great energy and he seemed very knowledgeable and passionate. 
Thank you once again for helping me every step of the way, I couldn’t have asked for better assistance. I would without hesitation recommend your agency to my friends or book with you again if I go on another tour.


15 Days Mt.Everest & Mt.Kailash Kora Pilgrimage Group Tour

I am very happy with the trip, especially the great support from the tour guide, Mr Tenzin during kora. 

To be honest, I am not able to finish my kora without his support and our group team also great, even we came from other countries but we quite good to collaboration together.

The only concerns I do have is the restroom facility during kora, but i do believe that this is belong to the hotel platform, not under your control. I am not really familiar with it ;(

This is also the same comment from my friend.

I hope this email finds you well and wishing you all the best. 

Barkhor street

5 Days Lhasa City Culture Tour

I just returned to Beijing yesterday and I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful trip to Tibet. Your company arranged everything very well, and Lobsang was an excellent tour guide, I was deeply impressed by how hard-working and dedicated he was, especially when he helped arrange my nucleic acid test, he spent a lot of time going to the hospital and talking to the staff to make sure everything worked out smoothly.

I also want to thank you again for all your help. I really appreciate your time and patience in answering all my questions and making sure everything was clear and easy to understand. I could not have had such a good trip without you!

Thank you again for all your help!

Yamdrok lake

6 Days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Tour

Happy New Year! 
How are you? 
I'm very fine.
Now I've backed in Tokyo n started to work this morning. ;D

My TIBET experience with Great Tibet Tour was very brilliant.  
It was the 2nd-time visit to TIBET but Shigatse and Gyantse.
The hotel you chose me at Shigatse had very Lovely Tibetan decoration.
and Guides ( both 2 guys)  were very kind and gentle.
So I could relax.

Also, I appreciate you, Catherine.
You are very helpful, Kindly... so nice person for me !!
thank you soooo much.

If you will come to Tokyo, I will recommend you a lot of place and nice food restaurants! 😄😄😄

have a nice day!

Asami Kawada

Good time in Tibet

8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Group Tour

I enjoyed my Tibet tour very much despite getting altitude sickness on the Qinghai-Tibet train. Both tour guides and drivers were great.

The rooms of the hotel in Lhasa were very good, but I felt the breakfast needed more variety.  The Cesar/Caesar hotel in Shigatse was good and this breakfast was much better with a good and large variety of things to choose from. Obviously the night at the Rongbuk guesthouse was a bit cold.

However, overall, I enjoyed the tour.

Happy New Year


9 Days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Everest Namtso Group Tour

Yes. We have safely reached home. Thanks a lot for the arrangement. The guide and driver were great. Other than the cold weather, which can be hard to bear at times, the trip has been a smooth and memorable one. Will definitely recommend your agency to others who want to see Tibet.

7 Days Lhasa Mt. Everest Kathmandu Overland Group Tour

I did not have a chance to write back sooner since we have been very busy. I did want to thank you for arranging the amazing trip in Tibet. Everything was excellent, better than could have been expected. We especially want to provide feedback on how great the guide Lopsang and the driver were. Their knowledge and experience made everything go very smoothly and more enjoyable. It was definitely an experience that not too many Americans get. I will fill out a review on TripAdvisor. Let me know if there are any other sites that would be helpful for you and your company.  Thanks again

potala Palace

4 Days Lhasa Urban & Suburb Tour

Thank you very much and same to you. Yes, we had a wonderful time with Lobsang he is a great guy and also the driver very experienced. Unfortunately, it's already almost over but we may come back in the future.

Thanks very much,

Rongbuk Monastery

8 Days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt.Everest Tour

I'm happy to let you know that the trip was really perfect from an organizational point of view. The communication with you has been very smooth since the beginning and everything worked out fine with the trains, pick up, and flights. Our tour guide was great and I enjoyed visiting everything in a small group.

I don't really think there is a lot you could do better, but maybe it would be nice to stop at more local restaurants! Sometimes we used the restaurants where all tour groups stopped, so it was always quite busy and not very cozy. On other days we stopped at smaller local restaurants on the road, which was super nice! I think that many people would appreciate more restaurants of this kind.

Thanks again for your support and advice during the booking process.

Best wishes,

Great Time in Tibet

6 Days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Tour

The hotel in Lhasa and Shigatse are great. We have enjoyed it. We did not try the Shangbala Hotel restaurant as it appeared to be more formal than we wished. However, our guide suggested several restaurants near the hotel, all of which we enjoyed for excellent food and service.

Besides this. The rest of the trip we suffered altitude sickness so I can’t really enjoy. I should have request mandarin speaking guide as my mom speaks only mandarin

Our guide and driver were very sweet. They got my mom's birthday gifts on her birthday. It made our trip most memorable.

Thank you cherry for all the arrangement