Stefanie Trippler stands in front of  the Potala Palance

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Everest Namtso Group Tour - 10 Days (G06)

Hi Cherry,


I'm back to "normal" work now, after a business trip right after my arrival.

The China tour was really great, everything worked out fine and as expected. 

The other guys in the Tibet tour were very nice and we had a perfect time. 

And last but not least the weather was splendid - blue sky the complete time in Tibet. A little bit of drizzle in China but no real need for an umbrella. :)


Thank you very much for all the organization and planning. The tour was really perfect! :)

Tour: Mt.Everest & Mt Kailash Kora Pilgrimage Group Tour - 15 Days (G07)

Dear Caroline


Thank you for your email. The trip went very well, it was one of the best in my life. I was prepared for the hostel facilities, and I know it is not your responsibility, but I think they could improve the WCs and in some cases the cleanness – special in Kalash and Lake, but the balance Is very positive. I also was very happy with the tour guide, that was always very available and share Tibetan culture is such professional way. Definitely, I recommend this trip.




Tour: Lhasa & Ganden Monastery Tour - 5 Days (L05)

Hi Nance,

Robin & I have just finished our tour today. Thank you very much for organising it. Although we suffered a little high altitude sickness, it went well. We especially enjoyed meeting Dolma who’s a wonderful & helpful tour guide during our stay.

Best wishes, Helena

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days (G04)


Hi Cherry. I just got back in Beijing the tour was fantastic and the driver and guide were very friendly and professional, I was just telling my brother that he should do the same tour with your company. Thank you so much for everything.

Tony is standing at the Mt. Everest Monument.

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Everest Namtso Group Tour - 10 Days (G06)

Hi yes thank you very much for everything it was very professional, the hotel the guide the driver was excellent, the food, I would do it again great memories, 

Thanks again for organizing 

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days (G04)

Hi Cherry

I’m home in America.

Your trip for me was an interesting experience starting with the train travel from Beijing. Accommodations in Lhasa and Shigatse were very good with a great location. The driver was excellent and tour guide good. There was a lot of driving which I knew ahead of time, however, didn’t realize it until I experienced it. The travel to Mt Everest Base Camp was long but rewarding for us since we had the lucky chance of seeing Mt Everest which I’m sure not everyone gets to see so it would be very disappointing for them to make the long journey and not see it.

As far as you handling all the arrangements that were excellent!

I would recommend your company to my younger and adventurous clients however for my older ones I would explain this tour is strenuous and involves climbing many steps to Temples and Palaces along with the altitude (which by the way we had no problem with) and bathroom facilities are sometimes primitive.

Thank you again for handling this journey for me!

I really enjoyed the experience!


A great tour for Michael with his two friends

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Everest Namtso Group Tour - 10 Days (G06)

Hi Nance,

Yes I have returned home again and back at work.

We really enjoyed the 10-day tour, it was a great part of the world to see. I will write a review on TripAdivsor for GTT.

Thanks for all your help you gave us. Everything went very well without any problems.



Happy couple at Rongbuk Monastery, where's the best position to take photos with the background of Mt. Everest.

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days (G04)

Traveler info: Australia, 2Pax

Hi Beatrice,

Yes, we are still traveling for the next 6 weeks heading to London via train. We had a fantastic tour, our guide Lobsang did a great job explaining about the Buddhist religion and we were very lucky to see Mt Everest for about 4 hours.  All accomodation was very good even the shared accomodation at base camp guest house as I was able to open the window next to my bed in the morning and see Everest.


Joel and Heather

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days (G04)

Dear Cherry,
Our tour is finished and I will be leaving for the airport tomorrow. I first want to thank for recommending the Everest base camp tour. Since I had so little time and booked so late I was completely trusting your recommendation. It was fantastic and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally.
I don't think our tour would have been the same without the personal care and attention to our needs that Lobsun provided for us. I think I can speak for the group in saying we are very grateful to have got him for a guide. He was extremely knowledgeable, he communicated well with us and seemed to have answers to all our questions. He always had a smile and a laugh and made sure we were comfortable and on schedule. I really rate his overall performance as excellent, 10+. Thank you and everyone for making this a very memorable experience.
Henry Golobic

Tour: Lhasa Mt. Everest Kathmandu Overland Group Tour - 7 Days (G05)

Dear Caroline,

We got back on July 28 after the trip to Tibet and Bhutan. The journey through Tibet was absolutely fabulous. We enjoyed every minute of it.

It was meticulously organized and everything went to perfection. The guides and drivers we had (especially the guide and driver on the last four days) were excellent. The guide was very knowledgeable and the driver drove very carefully.
Thanks very much to you for organizing this trip so well. It was your efficiency and attention to detail that made it so enjoyable.
Thanks again for making it possible.


Tour: Mt.Everest & Mt Kailash Kora Pilgrimage Group Tour - 15 Days (G07)

Dear Nance,

I had a great journey and wanted to say thank you for everythink. It was amazing. Dangzeng is the best tourguide i ever had and tashi a good driver.

Thank you.  :)


Tour: Senior’s Everest Base Camp Tour - 11 Days (H07)

Our trip was excellent!

It was a unique experience.

The driver was very polite and accommodating. He was always on time. He drove in a very safe manner and made us feel comfortable at all times during the trip. Very nice man. The vehicle was roomy and comfortable.
Our tour guide was excellent. He had a vast knowledge about the areas that we visited and also had extensive knowledge about the culture and country of Tibet. At all times, he made sure that we were comfortable with all aspects of the day. He even help to insure that we were able to get meals that were not too spicy! The pace that he set for each day was appropriate for our abilities. He was always ready to let us stop and take a rest break, especially during the first couple of days when we were adjusting to the altitude. Great person!
Tour and Agenda. The private tour for “older” people is the perfect way to see Tibet. We are both 70 and in “average” physical condition. The tour schedule allows for a slower start and initial days in Lhasa to adjust to the altitude. Also, the schedule does not put too much into one day. Once we departed from Lhasa and went to the higher altitudes, we did not have any problems with the heights because we were acclimated.

Best regards,


tibet group tour

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days (G04)

Traveler info: Slovakia, 1Pax

I just got back home yesterday as after Nepal I went to India :)

The tour was great, I loved every minute of it, was the adventure I was hoping for. I would like to thank you also once again for your never ending patience with me and dedicated help regarding everything and anything that I needed help with or information about.

Keep up the good spirit :) I will definitely will be recommending the tour to people :)

Our guide was very kind although I guess some of us really put  his patience to the test by making changes and making variation all the time :) :D ha ha ha but he was dealing with it with great attitude :)

So big Thank you GTT!!!!!!!!!! Wish you all the best of luck for the future ;)

With love 


Tibet Beijing tour

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days (G04)

Traveler info: Canada, 4Pax

Mjanes home safely. Ross' now in India.  All parts of tour where very good to excellent!!  
Guides: Pendon in Tibet was outstanding; Mark was very good in Beijing....helped make the trip great. Their knowledge and answering questions really made it interesting for us. 
Sights: accomodation, food...all interesting and good. Base camp, Namtso,! Lhasa tour and city itself...very good. Beijing...great.   
Drivers and vehicles: very good.  
Train: lots of fun!!
Overall, would highly recommend tour and Great Tibet Tours! 

I would also highly recommend dealing with you.....efficient, quick response, answer questions, everything turned out as you said.  Excellent to deal with.  Thank you very much for everything!

Kind regards...


US 6 days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Group Tour

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Group Tour - 6 Days (G03)

Traveler info: USA, 1Pax

I have no complaints, the arrangements you made worked out well. From the round trip reservations from Chengdu to the permit to travel to Tibet, all of the details were addressed. Our guide, for the first four days, Chime met us at the airport, was knowledgeable, accessible and helpful. On the fifth day she departed with three of our tour members for Mt. Everest. Anna took over and led us through the Tashilhunpo Monastery and the train ride back to Lhasa. Our driver was good and stayed behind the scene. The tour group got along well with one another. I will treasure my memories of this trip.

Thanks for making this possible.

Walter W. Walthall


Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days (G04)

Traveler info: USA, 2Pax

We had a great experience on out tour in Tibet. The itinerary was great and well planned, all things were smooth as planned and we are very grateful.
We really appreciate your help and follow through during the whole process. Mengbo our tour guide was also very nice and kind and was very helpful all the time. 
We only have one suggestion:
The staff members of the hotel in Shigatse spoke very little english but we got lucky Mengbo always helped us :)
Thank you again for everything.



Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Everest Namtso Group Tour - 10 Days (G06)

Traveler info: USA, 1Pax

I am leaving Lhasa for Xi’an today. Lopsung gave me the official train schedule.

I had a wonderful trip, thanks to you. Also, our guide Lopsung is an excellent guide. He is passionate and knowledgeable about Tibetan culture and religion. He taught us a lot. Thank you again for your patience and all the follow-ups when I had questions. It was great to have you as my tour operator. I feel very lucky to have accomplished my goal to the Mr. Everest.


Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days (G04)

Traveler info: Brazil, 1Pax


The Tibet's tour was AWESOME ... Everything was perfect.

The guide was very smart, very good english, take care with everyone, the best guide on Tibet (he is Small Tenzin).

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