Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days

Nationality: Netherland

Back home again... It was a memorable tour, we enjoyed it. But we're also happy to be back at sea-level again!

Thanks for everything...



Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour -8 Days(G04)

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days

Nationality: Canada

Tahshi Deleh, Apple

Namaste (in Hindi), Sat Sri Akal (in Punjabi), Good morning (in English)


I returned yesterday morning after three weeks of great trip to China and now trying to adjust jet- leg (12 hours of time difference). I had a great time at every location, good weather, food, hotels, train, guides and on the top of all this - a great friend "Apple" who provided me frequent updates and made me feel comfortable. I have been to china three times, the first one was in 1984 and this is not the end. I would like to visit few more places in 2016 (Chengdu, Yellow mountains and so on), I will contact you in future, pls email your photo. I love China and its people, they are very friendly and helpful and you are the best. I will certainly recommend your name if somebody is interested to visit China.


Suggestion and feedback:-


(I do understand the limitations outside Lhasa, but if possible >)

Improve food choice/restaurant outside Lhasa

EBC accommodation was not comfortable & more time should be spent at EBC


Train reservation and getting tickets - very smooth process.

Hotels at Lhasa and Shigatse *4, very good. Excellent breakfast at Lhasa hotel, other tourists in my group staying at 3* did not like their hotel.

Van driver; drove very long distances but never complained a bit and always on time.

Pickup at train station and drop off at Lhasa airport-  prompt and efficient

Essence Tour of Wulong Karst was great, there was some confusion of pickup from the hotel and then grouping of different tour destination departures, but then I found my tour guide, she told me to stay with her, we could communicate in English with no problem.

Tibet tour Guide Lhakdon, she is kind, helpful - like a family member. Provided all help in a timely fashion.


Overall; it will be my best & memorable vacations so far. I am off to South Africa & Zimbabwe in Aug for three weeks.


Wish you all the best, stay healthy and once again thanks for everything




Note:- I will make a home video "Eight Days in Tibet", I will send you a link to watch on-line, It will take several months to edit and complete the video.

Nationality: Lebanon

Tour: 14-Day Lhasa Shigatse Kathmandu Chitwan Tour(PRIVATE)


Tashi Delek!


My trip was very pleasant and all went very well. I cannot say that I would complain about anything. The hotel in Lhasa was excellent. I think I would visit Tibet again next year, I might include Bhutan this time.

Thank you for everything


Regards and smiles


Nationality: Canada

Tour: 9-Day Lhasa Tsetang Shigatse Namtso Tour(PRIVATE)

We enjoyed the trip a lot. The tour guide Lobsang and the driver Basang were happy to deal with. Highly recommend them to your future clients.

And thank you for your service.




Belgium & Greece  12-Day Lhasa Shigatse Everest Kathmandu Nagarkot Overland Tour(PRIVATE)

Nationality: Belgium & Greece

Tour: 12-Day Lhasa Shigatse Everest Kathmandu Nagarkot Overland Tour(PRIVATE)

We are safe home. Despite the choise of food the first days ( very cheap junk food) the rest of the trip was a big succes , although the hights.

The guides and drivers were very professional and very helpful, especially the guide in Nepal.


Once again we like to thank you for your support and guidance and organisation to make this trip a lifetime memory.


Werner & Markos

Malaysia Chengdu Shunan Bamboo Sea Emei Jiuzhaigou Tour

Nationality: Malaysia

Tour: 13-Day Chengdu Shunan Bamboo Sea Emei Jiuzhaigou Tour(PRIVATE)



Thanks for everything. Yes, we enjoy the trip and we are happy with both drivers especially Ms Yang.


As for the hotel, you may consider Civil Aviation Hotel instead of Wenjun Mansion Hotel for Chengdu. Civil Aviation Hotel is much more clean, modern, spacious with good facilities, location is superb for shopping and dining. Wenjun might be liken by Westerners but I guess Asian should prefer Civil Aviation more.


Surprisingly, though Jiuzhai Resort Hotel is rated as 4 star, it doesn't keep up to that standard, more like 3 star to us. Again, probably it is following regional standard. One thing we dislike is the transparent bathroom door, making us rather inconvenient when using the toilet.


Overall, we are really happy with your arrangement. Once again, thank you very much.



Bee Liam

Nationality: America

Tour: 10-Day Lhasa Shigatse Everest Namtso Tour(PRIVATE)


We were so pleased with the organisation that you can be sure that if somebody we know, wants to travel Tibet , we will highly recommend you.


Keep save and well. Best regards,


Tom K.

Israel Lhasa Namtso Chengdu Emei Beijing Tour

Nationality: Israel

Tour: 14-Day Lhasa Namtso Chengdu Emei Beijing Tour(PRIVATE)

1) Tibet tour 100, we all miss Nekdon!!! she is great !!!

2) Chengdu tour 50

3) Leshan and Emishan tour 85

4) Beijing tours 65

5) General organization,timetable,and finance 100 and this mark belong t0 you Apple!!


So many thanks from all of us and hope to meet you on our next China tour.




Jerusalem Israel

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days

Nationality: Singapore

Yes we are back in singapore.

And i must say i am satisfied wih your service, and am really grateful for your help.


Thank you.



France Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse Group Tour

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Group Tour - 6 Days

Nationality: France

Tour: Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse Group Tour -6 Days(G03)

我们在西藏游览和参观得很好,你们安排的导游lobsang也很敬业, 非常感谢。







Tour: Lhasa Mt. Everest Kathmandu Overland Group Tour - 7 Days

Nationality: France

The trip was great, driver & tour guide provided good service


We managed to get a clear view of Everest, thank you for all the arrangement!


Grace Chan

Tour: Lhasa & Namtso Lake Group Tour - 6 Days

Nationality: Denmark

We had an fantastic experience. Our guide Tashi was very kind, well informed and gave us very good knowledge and understanding. We really appreciated the tour!


Thanks so much for helping us plan it!




Lebanon Nepal Lhasa Nyingchi Tsetang Tour

Nationality: Lebanon

Tour: 13-Day Nepal Lhasa Nyingchi Tsetang Tour(PRIVATE)

I'm back home. I'm missing Tibet already. All was very good. Lobsang is a very good guide. I was very happy.

I might contact you beginning next year to arrange for another trip, possibly in March or April.


Namaste and have a great day



Australia  Ganden to Samye Trek Tour

Nationality: Australia

Tour: 11-Day Ganden to Samye Trek Tour(PRIVATE)

everything was great, and especially Tenlon our guide who was very helpful and knowledgeable.


Thank you for great trip! I ll definitely recommend you and your company.



Brazil  Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days

Nationality: Brazil

Could you forward this photos attached to our guide Lobsang? He was an extremely prepared guide.


Thank you


Luke G.

Britain Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour

Tour: Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour - 8 Days

Nationality: Britain

I would highly recommend Great Tibet Tour to anyone and everyone. As I began searching for reliable, trustworthy tour companies, I came across GTT. From my initial email to my final, I was corresponding with Amy who did an excellent job with my tour.


I travelled to Tibet from Chengdu by train in mid-January 2015 (Took me 44 hours) as I wanted my body to acclimatise to the altitude gradually. I still remember the day I was purchasing my train ticket; Amy was on the phone translating to the lady in the window. I wouldn't have done it without Amy's help.


My two-day train journey from Chengdu (Soft sleeper) was a surreal experience. I was glued to the window as the scenery was out of this world!! I would highly recommend doing this.


The itinerary was scheduled perfectly as we had clear blue skies and the sun was glaring over the beautiful mountain backdrop in Lhasa. I met my local Tibetan tour guide named Lobsang who was full of energy and knowledge.


I cannot stress enough how amazing Lobsang and of course Noorpur (The driver) had made the Tibetan experience for me. From immaculate spoken English to fun and laughter, he made the journey spectacular. Every day was an excitement!


So if you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy and exciting authentic journey to Tibet, I would look no further and get in touch with Great Tibet Tour!


Thank you GTT for making my trip an experience that I will never forget.



Singapore Lhasa Shigatse Mt.Everest Namtso Tour

Tour: Lhasa & Namtso Lake Group Tour - 6 Days

Nationality: Singapore

We have returned to Singapore. The tour was great, we like Lhasa and Namtso's sceneriy is beautiful. Your tour guide n driver are very good. We have given excellent feedback form to them.


As a Buddhist following Buddha's teaching for over 40 yrs now, I am glad that I have finally visited Lhasa n prayed at Jokhang Temple although I experienced high altitude sickness on first two days. My wife also a bit affected. Luckily the hotel doctor helped us overcome the sickness.


We like Tibet n the people. At first we thought this trip would probably be our introductory tour n should later follow by another longer detailed tour of whole Tibet but now we realize that with our age, we may not be able to visit Tibet again.


If our children ( usually very busy ) n their younger friends intend to visit Tibet, we will introduce them to you. We dare not introduce Tibet Tour to our older friends due to the sickness in this trip.


Wishing you success and happiness.


Best regards,

Ken Ng and Soo Hoon

Hong Kong Lhasa Shigatse Mt.Everest Namtso Tour

Tour: Lhasa Shigatse Mt.Everest Namtso Tour - 10 Days

Nationality: Hong Kong

Good morning.  I've already returned to HK on last Sunday evening.  It's a great trip indeed.  Everything is arranged and looked after perfectly well.  The itinerary is good.  Both the tour guide and the driver are very nice and helpful too.  I really had a great time.


I will definitely recommend your company to my friends who intend to visit Tibet in future.  And when I come back to Tibet again, I will need the service of your company again too.  Thank you so much for the advice and help you have given me for this trip.