Ngari Travel Guide

Ngari prefecture in northwestern Tibet is well-known as "the roof of the world". Mount Kailash, located in Southern Ngari is recognized by the Bon, Buddhism, Hindu, and Jain as "the center of the world". Every year, people from Tibetan, India, Nepal, and Bhutan go there to make pilgrimages in the old traditional way: paying tribute to the whole body kowtow all the way and moving around and around the sacred mountain. The ruins of Guge Kingdom is also a wonder of Ngari and is considered as the old Summer Palace of Tibet. It has five superior temples and palaces: White Temple, Red Temple, Samsara Temple, Imperial Palace and Assembly Palace, which have many great inscriptions, statues, and murals displayed inside.

Known for its natural scenery, Ngari is an ideal place for photography. From May to October are the best months to take the superb pictures in Ngari. It's a spiritual journey that you'll have a great memory here.

The map of Ngari in Tibet

Ngari Attractions offer the most popular sights in Ngari such as Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Ruins of the Guge Kingdom for travelers who want to know what to see in Ngari.

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The hotels in Ngari are quite simple and basic as most of the hotels in Ngari are guesthouses. You can directly book the budget, discount, and luxury hotels in Ngari online. Besides, you'd better carry your sleeping bag to keep warm.

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Located in the west of Tibet, Ngari is known for the desolate off-the-beaten-path landscape. But except for the holy Mt. Kailash and the sacred Lake Manasarovar, what else do you know about it? Let's unveil this mysterious prefecture of Tibet.

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We list all the advice for traveling to Ngari, including the best time to Ngari, the food, the accommodation, the transportation in Ngari, and what you should pack for a Ngari tour. Hope to help visitors gain the best experience of Ngari travel.

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Ngari attracts countless explorers to conquer. Lake Manasarovar and Mt. Kailash are known as holy lake and sacred mountain respectively.

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