Tibet, a region known for its unique topography and also as the world's highest plateau, guarantees once-in-a-life experience. Positioned at a high altitude, this plateau is recognized for its Buddhist practices, which navigates its rich culture. This plateau is located in the far west of China and has the Himalayas fringed at the western edge.  

How to travel to Tibet from Spain?

There are two ways known to get to Tibet from Spain. Many people choose the China route simply because Nepal airfare is known to be comparatively expensive for travelers. Nevertheless, both of the routes will be explained in extensive detail below.

Flying from Spain to Lhasa

Spain-China- Tibet

From Spain to mainland Cities 

You can easily get to China by flight from major cities in Spain. Since Spain is 13104 km from China, it is also a long journey by plane. Here we listed the fight duration from Madrid, Barcelona, Seville to three main cities in China.







non-stop - 10 h 45 min

non-stop - 12 h 45 min

one-stop - 13 h 40 min


non-stop - 10 h 50 min

non-stop - 12 h 10 min

one-stop - 13 h 35 min


one-stop - 13 h 25 min

one-stop - 14 h 40 min

one-stop - 17 h 55 min

Necessary Permits if You Travel through Mainland China

In order to travel through China, the passenger needs certain documents, which are China visa and Tibet Travel Permit. For China Visa, you can apply it at your local Chinese Embasy. For you Tibet Travel Permit, you have to turn to your Tibet Travel Agency by booking tours with them. The process isn't as complicated as it might appear. As long as you possess the correct documents, the travel should proceed smoothly.

More about the Chinese visa

To get your Tibet Travel permit issued, acquiring a Chinese visa is the premise. The Chinese visas are issued in the Chinese embassy, which, in Spain is located in Madrid. Often, Chinese visas are rejected on mentioning trips to Tibet; hence keeping that in mind can be of help.

Tibet Travel Permit

The Tibet travel permit is a necessary document to carry to fly from mainland China to Tibet. Usually, you need to take your original Tibet Travel Permit to board the plan to Lhasa,  that's why we suggest our travelers to stay a night in a mainland city to recive your Tibet Travel Permit. in order for it to be delivered to your hotel.  Tibet Travel Permit is the government's official document so it's forbidden to mail it outside of China. 

From mainland cities to Lhasa

The domestic aviation industry is very developed in China, and there're direct flights from many Chinese cities to Lhasa such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xián, Chongqing, Guangzhou, etc.. If you book flight tickets one month and fifteen days earlier, you are likely to have a good discount.

You can appreciate the breathtaking scenery along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway by taking a train to Tibet. The train travel is more convenient in terms of the Tibet Travel Permit. The reason for this is that scanned copies are accepted for train travel, unlike the flight rules. This makes it much easier to buy a train ticket in advance or purchase one upon arrival without having to wait for the permit to be delivered. 

Train Route

Serial Number





40 h 45 min

soft sleeper: USD176
hard sleeper: USD111



47 h 27 min

soft sleeper: USD195
hard sleeper: USD122



(every other day)

36 h 18 min

soft sleeper: USD154
hard sleeper: USD97

 Spain-Nepal- Tibet

Actually, the straight distance from Spain to Nepal is shorter than to China. More and more tourists choose to get to Nepal first, then through the Himalayas to Tibet, which is a route full of beauty and challenges.

Taking a flight from Spain to Kathmandu

There are no direct flights to Kathmandu from Madrid and Barcelona, although most flights have just one stopover in Istanbul, Dubai, or Qatar. Flights take from as little as 12 hours, the flight tickets are from around USD 500 for an economy ticket.

After you arrive in Kathmandu, you can speed serval days to look around the peaceful city. Then there're two ways to travel to Lhasa for your choice. Taking flight or overland trip.

Taking Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa

The flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa lasts for one and a half hours only. The timings of the flight are 12:10 and 11:30. It is advisable to book these flights online in advance. Doing so will help you prevent problems and also help you save up money. The cost of this flight is around 275 USD.

Road Trip from Kathmandu to Lhasa:

A huge number of tourists chose to opt for the road trip from Kathmandu to Lhasa. For this route, you will ascend your altitude from 1370m(Kathmandu) to 4200m (Gyirong port) in one day.

Gyirong county is the first stop after which Tingri, Everest Base camp, Shigatse and then finally Lhasa. The reason why tourist chooses this road trip is because of the opportunity to witness the scenic beauty and culture along the way. The Himalayas are more than a treat to the eye, and the sacred Buddhist temples and lakes add to the fulfillment of the trip in its entirety.

Travel through Nepal

If you aren't much fond of the China route, you can fly to Tibet by flying to India and then opting for the Nepal route.

Necessary Permits if You Travel through Nepal

The two vital documents that are required to take the Nepal route is the China Group Visa and Tibet Travel Permit. If you do choose to travel to Tibet through Nepal, your Chinese visa stands invalid. Which means if you are traveling through Nepal, all you need is a passport and the invitation letter issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau.  For the invitation letter, you need the help from your Tibet Travel Agency. So you need to book your Tibet tours in advance.

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