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Gyantse Travel Advice

  • by Ghita
  • Last Updated: 2017-11-08

Gyantse, a Hero City in Tibet, is located in Gyantse County, Shigatse Prefecture. Considered as the Granary of Tibet, Gyantse is abundant in natural resource. Lying in in the Nyangchu Valley on the trade route, Gyantse is also a historical and cultural place in Tibet which linking the trade between India and Tibet as well as the pilgrims journeying across the Himalayan Plateau in the ancient times. Even if it is not as prosperous as it once was, it will remind you of its charm when you step on this fertile land.

Top Gyantse Attractions

Palcho Monastery

With the long history and special geographic position, Gyantse process a great number of beautiful places that worthy of visiting. Among those sights, Gyantse Kumbum in Palcho Monastery, the outstanding architectural wonder is the place you don't wanna to miss. Rather than other monasteries in Tibet Palcho Monastery, Palcho Monastery combines building with stupa, temple and houses of three sects of Sakyapa, Kadampa and Gelugpa together. 

Gyantse Dzong

Standing high above the Gyantse City on a huge spur of grey-brown rock, Gyantse Dzong or Gyantse Fortress is one of the well-preserved dzongs in Tibet. Climbing on the top of the Dzong (City fort), you may have an opportunity to experience a great view over the valley.

Karola Glacier

Located in Lang Kartse county right next to the main road, Gyantse Karola Glacier is a spectacular glacier about 5,560 meters above sea level. Stretching from the sky with wispy cloud and mist to the road closely, it shapes like a big frozen fall preparing to flow down from the high peak.















Pala Manor

As the former residence of a noble family, Pala Manor, the residence of a noble family, is the perfect place for tourists who wanna experience the history of Tibet. With the well preserved traditional architecture, numerous imported goods, and exquisite accessories, Pala Manor would remind you of the luxurious life of nobles in Tibet at that time.


How to Get to Gyantse

Lhasa to Gyantse

As the transfer center in Tibet and well-connected with many major cities, Lhasa seems to the most popular departure city for tourists who wanna travel to Gyantse. Here in Lhasa, you can take a direct bus from Lhasa to Gyantse, or simply rent a jeep or other cross-country vehicle to send you to Gyantse.

Shigatse to Gyantse

Gyantse is about 90km from Shigatse areas and taking a regular bus from Shigatse to Gyantse only costs about 2 hours. So you can take a flight from Chengdu to Shigatse or take a train to Shigatse from Lhasa. Then take a bus from Shigatse to Gyantse.

Best Time to Visit Gyantse

From April to October is the best period for tourist to visit Gyantse with the proper temperature and nice weather.  Gyantse belongs to plateau monsoon climate with sufficient sunshine, strong ultraviolet radiation and great variation between day and night. It is gradually getting warmer in April.  Therefore some thick clothes are necessary. To protect you from sunburn, you are supposed to take sunglasses, sunscreen.

Where to Accommodate in Gyantse

As an important tourist destination in Tibet, There are a great number of hotels in Tibet. However, the accommodation is not as good as its in Lhasa. Presently, there aren’t any luxury hotels in Gyantse.  The offered facilities are always limited as well. Gyantse Hotel, a 3-star hotel, located in the center and the ancient city of Gyantse, which processes 120 different-typed rooms and provides different types of food is a good choice for you. Meanwhile,  the Hot water is 24 hours available for you and free Wi-Fi is fully covered.

Regarded as the best budget hotel in Gyantse with 2-star standard of amenities and services, Gyantse Jianzang Hotel is also a good option for you. The accommodation is rather basic while the services are very well, the staff is very friendly and helpful.


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