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Legends of Top Ten Lakes in Tibet

  • by Liffity
  • Last Updated: 2018-08-14

There are numerous lakes with different colors dotted between Tibetan snow-capped mountains and boundless grasslands. Like sapphire, calaite, and emerald, all the lakes in Tibet have their own legends. They bless the holy Tibet land and are praised by local Tibetans generation by generation. I’d like to share some legends of top ten lakes in Tibet.

Lhanag-tso Lake

Lhanag-tso Lake is also called Ghost Lake, which means “poisonous dark lake” in Tibetan languages. Lhanag-tso Lake is located next to the holy Mapam Yumco. The legend goes that there is a cosmic door under the lake which connects the two lakes together. The water qualities of the two lakes are totally different. The water in the holy lake - Mapam Yumco is sweet and fresh, while the water in the ghost lake tastes bitter and bad.

Lhanag-tso Lake

Lhamo La-tso Lake

Lhamo La-tso is one of the most legendary lakes in Tibet, which plays an important role in Tibetan Buddhism. Before finding the reincarnation, Buddhists will divine in front of this holy lake. From April to June in Tibetan Calendar, lots of pilgrims will come here for the purpose of witnessing their future by seeing the shadows in this lake. Legend has that if you gazing at this holy lake piously, you will have a chance to see your future on the surface of the lake.

Pangong Tso Lake

Although there is no religious legend about Pangong Tso Lake, it is one of the most popular Tibetan attractions on this broad Tibetan Plateau. Pangong Tso Lake is a pure land for nature and the paradise for the birds. There is no hustling and bustling, but peace and serenity.

Pagsum Lake

In the south bank of Pagsum Lake, there is a mysterious cave for praying for kids. Anyone who wants to give birth can do pray sincerely in this holy lake. Then you will be pregnant. In the north-west of this holy lake, there is a huge hollow stone with five square kilometers. All the pains and diseases can be eliminated by going through this stone.

Zhari Namco Lake

As the largest salt lake in Ngari, Zhari Namco Lake is a natural paradise for wild animals such as Tibetan antelopes, kiangs, black-headed gulls, bar-headed geese and black-necked cranes, etc. There are four grand mountains surrounding this holy lake. You must be stunned by the attractive scenery along the lake.

Siling Lake

According to the legend, Siling was an evil monster lived in Lhasa. Every day, the monster ate thousands of living things including beasts, animals, etc. No one can conquer it. One day, a powerful Buddhist encountered Siling and decided to conquer it. Then, the monster ran away into a broad lake located in Xainza County and Baingoin County of the Nagqu Prefecture. The Buddhist command it to repent itself, and stay in the lake forever. Thus, Siling Lake is named by the powerful man.

Tangra Yumco Lake

It is said that Tangra Yumco Lake was ghost lake in the past, then the first price of Zhangzhung conquered the ghost in the lake. So it turned into a holy lake. The scenery by this holy lake is attractive. And the lake can change three different colors in one day.

Lake Manasarovar

Someone say that Manasarovar is the palace for the sacred dragon. There are lots of rare jewels on the bottom of the lake. The lucky person who can catch fish, pick up a stone or a feather of a bird, he will live a happy life.

Others say that Manasarovar is a holy lake for Chinese Goddess. Rinsing by the divine lake, all the sins can be cleaned.

Yamdroktso Lake

Yamdroktso Lake is said to be turned by a fairy. Long long ago, there was a small spring. A rich man with a servant Dawa lived close to the spring. One day, Dawa saved a small goldfish by the spring. Then, the goldfish turned into a beautiful girl and sent her a treasure. It was known by the rich man soon, so he asked the servant to find the treasure and the girl. But failed. Then the rich man pulled Dawa into the spring and made her drown. At the same time, the girl appeared and turned into the huge wave. Finally, the rich man was carried by the wave and died. From then on, Yamdroktso Lake has become a crystal-like and charming lake in Tibet.

Yamdroktso Lake

Namtso Lake

Namtso and Nyenchen Tanglha lived a happy life on the Tibetan Plateau. One day, Nyenchen Tanglha lost his memory and forgot this wife Namtso. Owing to the sadness, Namtso turned into a lake. After Nyenchen Tanglha found his memory, he decided to find his wife. When he noticed that the lake was his wife, he turned into a grand mountain next to her. This is the origin of Namtso Lake.

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