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Lhasa to Tsedang Tour is an inspiring spiritual tour in Tibet.

Lhasa Tsedang Tour

Lhasa Tsedang Tour is one of the most inspiring spiritual tours in Tibet. As the origin of Tibetan civilization, Tsedang is popular with most pilgrims and travelers who want a spiritual transformation in their being. And Lhasa is considered a miracle in the world for its ancient buildings and cultures. Lhasa Tsedang tour connects the two vital parts and puts a magnificent show in front of you. This tour includes valuable places such as the Potala Palace(the center of Tibet), Samye Monastery(the first temple in Tibet), and Yumbu Lhakhang(the first palace in Tibet).

Lhasa - Samye - Lhasa
Visit the best landmarks of Lhasa and Samye Monastery, which is designed as a mandala surrounded by sand dunes.
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Lhasa – Tsetang – Lhasa
Trace Tibet's history by visiting the first Buddhist monastery - Samye and the first palace - Yumbulagang.
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Lhasa – Ganden to Samye Trek – Lhasa
Experience the highlights of Lhasa and the most rewarding trekking route connecting two sacred Tibetan monasteries.
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Lhasa - Namtso - Tsetang - Lhasa
Wander legendary Buddhist monasteries, enjoy heavenly Lake Namtso, and explore the fabled birthplace of Tibetans.
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Discover the mysteries of Tibetan Buddhism in Lhasa, Tsedang and Shigatse. Appreciate holy lakes of Yamdrok and Namtso.
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Lhasa - Nyingtri - Tsetang - Lhasa
Get an up-close look at eastern Tibet and present you with the culture and natural scenery of Nyingchi and Tsedang.
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Lhasa - Samye to Chimpuk Trek - Lhoka - Lhasa
Cover the best of Lhasa and Lokha, as well as a spiritual pilgrimage trail from Samye to Chimpuk meditation retreat.
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Visit the earliest Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. Watch religious ceremonies and learn about the culture and history.
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Lhasa-Tsetang-Chökorgye-Lhamo Latso-Lhasa
See mysterious monasteries, alpine landscapes, and charming villages. The highlight is Lhamo Latso, an oracle lake.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What about the highlights of Lhasa and Tsetang tour?

Potala Palace: The highest and largest palace-style complex in the world today.

Jokhang Temple: It has the supreme position in Tibetan Buddhism. There enshrines the Sakyamuni Buddha statue brought in by Princess Wencheng from the Tang Dynasty. The reason why Lhasa is known as a holy place is related to this statue of Buddha.

Barkhor Street: Lhasa's most famous shopping street and the most prosperous street in history.

Samye Monastery: The architectural form of Samye Monastery is built according to the Tantric Mandala, showing the Buddhism cosmology three-dimensionally.

Yumbulagang Palace: The first palace in Tibet, and the birthplace of Tibet civilization.

Tesdang sits 150 kilometers south of Lhasa, about two hours' ride to reach. Lhasa Gonggar Airport is located in the middle of Lhasa and Tesdang, only 95 kilometers away from Tesdang, about an hour ride, so you can visit Tesdang first then Lhasa.

The best time to visit Lhasa is from June to September, when the climate in Lhasa is the best, the oxygen concentration is the highest, and the natural scenery is the most beautiful.

The best time to visit Shanan, where Tsedang locates, is from June to August. During these periods, it's relatively warm and the temperature is about 20 degrees.

To sum up, the best time to visit Lhasa and Tsedang is from June to August.

Yes, you can take the Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway and get off at Tsedang station. The railway was opened on June 25 this year, connecting Lhasa and Shannan cities.

There are two trains daily, equipped with oxygen supply, one leaving at 8:20 in the morning from Lhasa and the other at 1:40 in the afternoon. It takes just 1 hour and 10 minutes and the fare ranges from US$11 to US$26.

The roads from Lhasa to Tsedang are broad and well-paved asphalt roads. However, if you go further to the north, there's a small section of unsurfaced roads.

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