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Located at No. 66 Wenshu Yuan Street, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Wenshu Monastery was built in the Sui Dynasty and is a famous Buddhist temple. There are many precious cultural relics and tens of thousands of Buddhist scriptures and documents in the temple. Wenshu Temple is also the home of provincial and municipal Buddhist associations. Besides, it is also one of the four Chinese Zen Buddhism in China.

Manjushri is the Chinese word for the future of the Maitreya Buddha and they feel a constant glow during the construction of the original temple. Here you can find a cup of green tea and the best vegetarian meal in the city. A tourist / cultural area is emerging around the temple, so finding food, souvenirs and other cultural ornaments should not be a problem.

Wenshu Temple covers an area of 13.5 acres, with more than 190 halls and rooms, north to south, with its beautiful gardens, solemn artifacts and cultural relics, attracting a large number of tourists at home and abroad. As an official provincial protection site, Wenshu Temple is an enclosed four-way courtyard with ancient architectural styles centered around the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), such as the Temple of Heaven, the Mahavira Hall, the Three Halls, the Evangelical Church, Temple, etc., as well as Buddha Recitation Hall, vegetarian rooms, guest rooms and a complete set of temples, the Drum Tower and Bell Tower stand to face each other.

Wenshu Temple's Highlights

Cultural Relics

Cultural relics are the highlight of Wenshu Temple. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, more than 500 famous paintings and calligraphy have been deposited here. In the Preservation Museum, many well-known manuscript exhibits, paintings and works of art were restored. These precious works of art by the famous Chinese calligrapher Zhang Daqian, Zheng Banqiao, and Feng Zikai. Of all the precious relics, a broken skull of a famous monk in the Tang Dynasty was the rarest. Another treasure is an elaborate jade Buddha statue from Burmese in 1922. In addition, the Temple also contains about 300 statues, including iron, copper, stone, wood, jade and other materials, as well as some precious paintings.

Vegetarian Restaurant

After visiting the temple, be sure to dine in the vegetarian restaurant next to the tea house. Do not worry about the word "pork" and "beef" in the bilingual menu, they use fake meat substitutes. Also, do not be intimidated by spicy notes on the menu. Compared with hot pot, they do not spicy.


The temple's tea house is very famous. It's an ideal place to enjoy Chinese tea art and tea culture while enjoying the performances of folk artisans in a beautiful environment.

In essence, Wenshu Temple is not a tourist attraction, but a real Buddhist temple. It's free of charge. Here incense is provided by the temple and visitors can participate in free Buddhist activities. Perhaps, it is the true meaning of Wenshu Temple that does not take but gives.

The long history of Wenshuyuan makes it worthwhile in Chengdu. For many tourists interested in Chinese traditional culture, this is a must-see attraction that should write on your travel list.

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