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Situated in the downtown of Chengdu City, Kuan Zhai Lane is one of the top three historic preservation districts in Chengdu City. Here you can see Chengdu's ancient features and humanistic essence. Walking on the bluestone road, you can feel the strong historical atmosphere. The architectural style here is full of Western Sichuan characteristics, with simple houses and exquisite carvings, each of which is worthy of your careful appreciation. It is composed of three alleys called Kuan Alley (Wide Alley), Zhai Alley (Narrow Alley), and Jing Alley. The major buildings on this site are courtyards and ancient-style streets.

The best way to travel around Kuanzhai Lane is by walking. You can stroll along the stone road and admire the ancient buildings and beautiful scenery on both sides. If you are interested in history and culture, you can visit some museums and historical sites to learn more about Chengdu.

Though reconstructed in 2008, the quadrangle courtyard of Kuanzhai Alley still maintains its original look with the ancient style of the Qing Dynasty. As a cultural site, it has attracted millions of tourists to explore the typical buildings in ancient Qing style, taste the Chengdu local snacks, and experience the slow pace of life. Moreover, Kuanzhai Alley is abundant in fashionable bars with many young singers and various restaurants are abundant which makes this place a combination of traditional Chinese culture and modern life.

Kuan Alley, also called “Xingren Hutong” is the district of leisure where you can wander along the alley to appreciate more than 20 old courtyards and ancient doors of exquisite decorations, like “Kai Lu” which is one of the most representative doors in Kuanzhai Alley. Every corner in Kuan Alley shows a nostalgic feature. You can go to a tea house to taste the famous covered-bowl tea or try the world-famous Sichuan cuisine in a restaurant to feel the old life of Chengdu.

Zhai Alley, about 5 meters in width, was considered “Taiping Hutong” in the Qing dynasty. Zhai Alley combines western features and traditional Chinese style. Because during that time groups of foreign people rebuilt and purchased houses here. And the “Horse Hitching Statue” in Kuanzhai Alley is a well-known spot for tourists.

Jing Alley is called “Ruyi Hutong” in the Qing Dynasty where you can feel both the traditional history and modern culture. And a wall of 500 meters long is standing to exhibit the photos of folklife and there is another long wall for the historical culture show.

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