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Laigu Glacier(also known as Lhegu Glacier) is located in Ranwu Town, Baxoi County, Qamdo Region, Tibet. This Tibet glacier is one of the world's three largest glaciers and the source of Parlung Tsangpo River. Because all these glaciers surround Laigu Village, they are collectively called Laigu Glacier. Laigu means “Hidden Arcadia” in Tibetan.

The Laigu Glacier consists of 6 glaciers: Meixi, Yalong, Ruojiao, Dongga, Xiongga and Niuma Glaciers, among which Yalong Glacier is the most spectacular. Yalong Glacier was generated in Gangri Gabu mountain, which is 12 kilometers long. It extends from the main peak with an altitude of more than 6,000 meters to the edge of Laigu Village with an altitude of about 4000 meters. The black-and-white "middle moraine" adds some beauty to its grandeur, which is rarely seen in other glaciers. Ranwu Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Tibet, is next to the glacier. Surrounded by beautiful lakes and majestic snow-capped peaks, Ranwu Lake is a perfect place where you can have a view of six marine glaciers, which is unparalleled in China or even in the world.

Walking along Ranwu Lake, which is also known as Jasper Lake, you can reach Laigu Village. There are many glaciers surrounding Laigu Village, and many ice lakes are formed in front of the village. Some ice lakes are floating with large and small icebergs, which looks like the Antarctic. Laigu Village, with more than 70 families, still maintains the original Tibetan village style of semi-agricultural and semi-pastoral. It is a purely Tibetan village with young people speaking mandarin. Every household has authentic Tibetan food, such as butter tea, highland barley cakes and dried beef, or even cook one or two simple Sichuan dishes for you.

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