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Everest Base Camp Trek

16 Days
Kathmandu - Lukla - EBC Trek - Lukla - Kathmandu
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This EBC Trek is situated in Nepal’s Khumbu region. The amazing thing about this trek is that it affords you to see up-close Mount Everest—the highest mountain in the world. Yet, you will also get to see other spectacular peaks while you get a firsthand experience of the hospitality and friendships of the Sherpas!

The central attraction of this trek is Mount Everest with an elevation of 8,848 meters above sea level. Since this trek is on Nepal’s side, you’ll hear the locals refer to Mt. Everest as Sagarmatha, their local term for this majestic mountain. Seeing Mt. Everest, of course, is a momentous experience that only very few people get to experience.

Aside from Mt. Everest, however, you’ll get to see other Eight-thousanders (Mountains 8,000m high or more). The other eight-thousanders include Mt. Makalu (8,463m)—the fifth highest mountain in the world, Mt. Cho You (8,153m), and Mt. Lhotse (8,501m). Along this trek, you’ll see great rhododendron forests, cascading rivers, magnificent waterfalls, incredible glaciers, undulating hills, crystal clear lakes, and exotic floras and faunas. You’ll also get the chance to mingle with the Sherpas in their villages, giving you the chance to get acquainted with their great traditions and culture. The best time to visit is from late-May to mid-Sep monsoon season.

DayRouteAttractions & Activities
1 Arrival in Kathmandu Pick up and transfer to the hotel
2 Kathmandu Sightseeing Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Temple
3 Kathmandu - Phakding (Manthali, Lukla, Phakding) Fly to Lukla then trek from Lukla to Phakding
4 Phakding - Namche Sagarmatha National Park, Namche
5 Acclimatization at Namchebazaar Enjoy the beauty of Namche
6 Namche - Tengboche Trek from Namche to Tengboche
7 Tengboche - Dingboche Trek to Pangboche then Dingboche
8 A Whole Day Stay in Dingboche! Recover in Dingboche
9 Dingboche - Lobuche Trek from Dingboche to Lobuche
10 Lobuche - Gorak Shep Trek from Lobuche to Gorak Shep
11 Gorak Shep - Everest Base Camp - Gorak Shep Gorak Shep to Everest Base Camp and Back
12 Gorak Shep - Pheriche Trek from Gorak Shep to Pheriche
13 Pheriche - Namchebazaar Trek from Pheriche to Namchebazaar
14 Namchebazaar - Lukla Trek from Namchebazaar to Lukla
15 Lukla - Kathmandu Fly to Kathmandu
16 Departure Send off to Tribhuvan International Airport

Daily Itinerary


Upon arrival in Kathmandu, you will be greeted at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and transferred to the hotel. It’s only 6km from the airport to the downtown area. After a little bit of rest, you can wander around this old city by yourself. The colorful houses, a dazzling array of shops, and the bustling crowds will make you feel the enthusiasm of Kathmandu for the first time. In the evening, you can try the local cuisines.

Stay overnight in Kathmandu

The real start of your tour of Kathmandu is today. So, this is a big day for you. You'll soon get to discover the unique culture of this lovely city. Kathmandu is the capital and largest city of Nepal. Its most famous destination is, of course, the famous Durbar Square.

Your tour guide will stroll you along with the Kathmandu Durbar Square. This square is replete with amazing ancient palaces and temples. It is a showcase of Nepali architecture and culture. It is situated in front of the old royal palace, surrounded by great architecture that colorfully showcases the craftsmanship of Nepali artists of the past centuries. Here, you will see the palaces of the Shah and Malla Kings.

You'll also get to visit the Pashupatinath Temple, one of Hinduism's holiest places in the world. It is located along the riverbanks of the Bagmati River. This temple complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will be bewildered by the sprawling collection of ashrams, temples, images, and inscriptions.

Afterward, you can go straight to the Boudhanath Stupa, the world’s largest stupa and a UNESCO Heritage Site. Its massive mandala is very impressive. Then, you will see the Swayambhunath Temple, in the west of Kathmandu City. Its name, of course, means "self-existent. This temple is known for the monkeys that reside in the area. Hence, it is also alternately called the "Monkey Temple." The monkeys in this temple are playful and known for their notoriety; so be very careful in dealing with them.

Stay overnight stay in Kathmandu

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast

Trek 8.2km, 3hrs I Dscend: 230m

You will wake up at around 2 AM for a long drive to Manthali. Don’t you worry! You’ll have your packed breakfast along the way. You will reach Manthali after a 4 to 5-hour drive. Manthali is a lovely village where you will board a flight to Lukla (2,850m).

During the flight, you can bask in the bird’s eye view of the Himalayas from the Nepal side. You’ll get to see the crests of some of the highest mountains in the world like Mt. Everest (8,848). Mt. Makalu (8,463m), Mt. Cho You (8,153), Mt. Lhotse (8,501m), and Mt. Lhotse Shar.

Upon arriving at Lukla, you will further trek upward to the Dudh Koshi Valley. The trail will lead you first to Phakding. Phakding is a little village in Nepal's Khumbu region. Situated along the banks of Dudh Kosi River, it has an altitude of 2,610 meters. This village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; hence, it is protected. You'll be staying in Phakding overnight in one of the tea-house lodges of the village.

Stay overnight in Phakding

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Phakding village

Trek 10.9km, 7hrs I Ascend: 830m

Early in the morning, you should be all set for a trek to Monjo. To reach Monjo, you will cross twice the Dudh Kosi River via high-suspension bridges. Then, you will reach the Sagarmatha National Park. The Sagarmatha National Park is a national park in eastern Nepal with an area of around 1,148 km2. The elevation of this park ranges from 2,845m to 8,848m. This park is well preserved, given the fact that it has a very fragile environment. From this park, you will trace the trail to Namche.

Namche is a trading village situated in the Khumbu region. This village is perched at an altitude of 3,440 meters. It has the park’s center for visitors. If you are fortunate enough, you will get your first glimpse of the majestic Mt. Everest from Namche.

Stay overnight in Namche

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast

You will be spending your whole day enjoying the beauty of Namche. You can take this time to rest and regain your strength after several days of enervating treks. You can also use this time to acclimate yourself to high-altitude weather.

Namche is perched on the side of a hill. It has cold and dry weather. Moreover, most of the Sherpas in Nepal’s tourism business came from Namche. Once in Namche, you can try the delicious local meal of yak steak. If you arrive there on a Friday afternoon, you can also enjoy the weekly market held every Saturday at the village's center.

Stay overnight in Namche

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Namche bazaar

Trek 9.6km, 5hrs I Ascend: 420m

In the early morning, you will once again trace a trail along the side of the valley, just above the Dudh Koshi River. As you move downwards, you will pass by several Sherpa villages. After traveling along a circuitous path, you will reach Tengboche(3,867m).

No doubt you will enjoy this amazing trail. You’ll pass by some awesome Rhododendron bushes where you will see exotic birds and majestic mountain scenery. You’ll reach Tengboche after 5 to 6 hours of trekking from Namche. After this lengthy trek, you will stay overnight in one of the cozy teahouse lodges.

Stay overnight in Tengboche

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Tengboche Monastery

Trek 10.5km, 6hrs I Ascend: 550m

Once again, you will arise early and prepare for the trek to Dingboche (4,400m). This trail takes around 5 to 6 hours of trekking. This trail follows a circuitous and uphill path to the village of Pangboche. Pangboche faces the majestic mountain of AmaDablam (6,856m). The view from Pangboche is fantastic!

Along the trail, you’ll get to enjoy the majestic views of some of the highest mountains in the world. Plus, you’ll get to see some verdant forests, gushing rivers, and gompas. From Pangboche, you need to trek for another two hours to reach Dingboche.

Stay overnight in Dingboche

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast

The past seven days had been an exciting trekking experience. Yet, you need to take a rest. Hence, you will be staying inDingboche for a day to regain your strength and relax. Dingboche, of course, is a popular stopover place for trekkers. East of this village flows the idyllic Imja River.

You'll find an internet cafe in this tiny village. You'll also find the highest billiard parlors in the world. In Dingboche, you will also see stone walls that stretch several kilometers long. Yet, if you want to have a panoramic view of Mt. Lhotse and the Imja Valley, you can scale the ridge in this village which will give you a bird’s-eye view of the valley.

Stay overnight in Dingboche

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Dingboche to Lobuche

Trek 7.9km, 6hrs I Ascend: 500m

In the early morning, you will once again be trekking to another location called Lobuche (4,900m). This trek takes around 6 to 7 hours. To reach Lobuche, you need to tackle the trail that passes through the valley. You’ll get to see the Khumbu glacier and intermittent tea houses along the trail.

Along the way, you will pass by Dungla wherein you’ll get to see the memorial stupas that are consecrated to trekkers and climbers who died while scaling Mt.Everest. You’ll also get to glimpse the mountains of Pumari and Nuptse.

Stay overnight in Lobuche

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Lobuche village

Trek 4.5km, 3hrs I Ascend: 215m

In the early morning, you will be off to Gorak Shep which is some 5,180 meters above sea level. This trek takes around 3 hours. The trek to Gorak Shep passes along the Kala Patthar and the Khumbu glaciers. These two regions are encircled by majestic snow-clad mountains. You’ll get to see climbers, moving towards Everest.

The trek is surely exhilarating, yet, you will feel happy because of the mesmerizing views alongside this trek. After hours of walking, you will reach Gorak Shep wherein you will stay overnight in one of the cool lodges of the village.

Stay overnight in Gorak Shep

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Lodge at Gorak Shep
Gorak Shep

Trek 7.2km, 4hrs I Ascend: 239m

You need to set off early to arrive early at the Everest Base Camp(EBC). You’ll be weaving through crevasses and ice humps along the way. Along the Khumbu glacier, you’ll get to see rounded ice towers and unbelievable ice melt patterns.

The EBC, of course, is marvelous! From the EBC, you can behold the majestic mountains of Khumbutste, Nuptse, and Pumori. You must take lots of Instagrammable pics for posterity because you will be going back soon to Gorak Shep. So, grab this chance to get as many pics as you could.

Stay overnight in Gorak Shep

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Everest Base Camp
Everest Base Camp(South)

Trek 11.5km, 5hrs I Descend: 885m

After an overnight stay in Gorak Shep, you will once again journey downhill to Pheriche. After several hours of up-and-down trekking, you will reach the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA). From there on, you will trek onwards to Khumbu Khola, Imja Khola, and pass by the picturesque suspension bridge. Overnight, you will stay at a nice lodge.

Stay overnight in Pheriche

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Pheriche to Namche bazaar

Trek 19.5km, 6hrs I Descend: 800m

After breakfast, you should be all set for another trek to Namche. This trek would take you again across rivers, along rhododendron forests with the backdrop of majestic mountains like the Nuptse, Lhotse, Everest, Tawache, and the Kantega.

The trail will descend along a pine forest that harbors exotic animals. You may get the chance to see the elusive mountain goats, pheasants, and other wild animals along the way. Once again, you will spend the night here.

Stay overnight in Namche

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Namche bazaar

Trek 19.1km, 7hrs I Descend: 600m

At last, you are already near the end of your exciting adventure. After breakfast, you will trek back to Lukla. You’ll be tracing back the path that you’ve threaded on the third day. You will once again cross the Dudh Koshi River via the suspension bridges to reach Lukla.

You’ll pass by some monasteries and villages. Once you’ve reached Lukla, you can relax and enjoy some local drinks with your Sherpa guides and porters in the evening. Once again, you will stay overnight in Lukla for tomorrow’s travel back to Kathmandu.

Stay overnight in Kathmandu

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Lukla airport

Right after breakfast, you will trek back to Manthali. At Manthali Airport, you’ll board your flight back to Kathmandu. Upon arrival at Kathmandu, you will then be billeted back to your hotel. You can enjoy the rest of the day to relax and feel free for a walk if you still have the extra energy.

In the evening, you will get to enjoy the traditional farewell dinner in a Nepali restaurant along with a cultural program. After dinner, you can go back to your hotel to relax and replenish your strength for your return flight back home.

Stay overnight in Kathmandu

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
Your adventure around Nepal is almost complete. Your tour guide will then fetch you at your hotel to lead you to the airport. You can bid your new friends and your guide farewell. You will surely be most welcomed to come back to Nepal for another great visit.
  • Meals:
  • Breakfast
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