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As its name implies, the Muslim District is the center of the Muslim community in Xi'an, Shanxi Province. Located on the north side of downtown West Street, this area covers a few blocks of more than 20,000 Muslims. There are more than a dozen mosques in Muslim neighborhoods, of which China Lane Grand Mosque is the most famous and popular mosque.

The Muslim food and souvenir market is another feature of the region. Beiyuanmen Muslim Market, located to the north of the Drum Tower, is an excellent choice for sightseeing in the city center. From south to north about 500 meters (about 547 yards), the street can be reached through the arcades under the Drum Tower. The street is full of dark green stones, green trees, summer shades, and architectural styles on both sides of the street (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Some buildings are restaurants; others are shops. But here's one thing in common: the owners are all Muslims.

Beiyuan Men Hui Street has a long history. It is said that in ancient times, diplomatic envoys and businessmen lived here, married and had children, and their population increased gradually. Today, most of the inhabitants here are the descendants of these immigrants. All Muslims here are religious devout Christians, so they form a close community that maintains their own culture and tradition even in such a modern society. The people here are very familiar with each other because they are young companions, and then grow up together, or married one by one, as well as their own children. Over time, they will surely get older and even die together.

Walk down this twisted, narrow street aligned with the store, and you can see the Muslim white-hat man sitting in the shop chatting. In front of some shops, elderly white-bearded men sit on wicker chairs, enjoying the soft touch of sunlight and playing with children running along the street. The main products in these shops are real hand-made Muslim foods that taste very good. Although there are some shops selling Shanxi specialties, there are some to provide you with exquisite souvenirs.

It is said that once you arrive Beiyuan Street Muslim Street, you will not regret the snacks in Xi'an. Unleavened cakes in "Mutton kimchi" are unique snacks in Xi'an and are very delicious. Pickled cabbage and small chili fried rice are very salty. In the hot summer, you can really enjoy it. Roast beef, lamb or lamb is another snack that can make your saliva. After charcoal barbecue meat, you can always enjoy it. And this street is the most famous snack Jia three buns. The main ingredient of the buns here is beef or lamb mixed with a soup that is fried from the bones of a sheep or a cow.

There is a fruit pie made of persimmons here, which is considered unique to Xi'an tea. These pies are bright red, crystal clear persimmons in Lintong District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province as the basic ingredients. When making a pie, peel the persimmons, smash the meat and mix with the flour, then add sweet-scented osmanthus and white sugar as filling, then fry until cooked. When you eat, you will feel delicious, sweet, soft.

Along the street, there are many other snacks, such as pickled meat, casseroles, all kinds of noodles and so on. They are waiting for you to enjoy.

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