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How we can get the Tibet Permit if we plan to fly from mainland China to Lhasa? How about taking the train?

If you'll fly to Lhasa, you have to show the original Tibet Permit to board the airplane. Please tell us your hotel details (name, phone number & address) then we'll deliver your original Permit accordingly. Please do check with the staff at the front desk of your hotel to get your permit. In case any problem, please contact with your travel advisors at once. If you take the train to Lhasa, usually you just need to show the copy of the Tibet Permit and you can pass the check-in. We'll send the Permit's copy to you by email as soon as we get it. Just print the Permit (3 copies are highly recommended) out and bring with you to the railway station. But please note Chongqing, Xi'an and Lanzhou train stations require the original permit.

Do hotels have hot water for showers 24 hours a day?

You will be able to enjoy a 24 hours hot shower at 3-5 star hotels we choose for you, but not guaranteed for the guesthouses accommodation.

If we plan to fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa, what documents we need to send to you for the Tibet Permit?

You just need to send us your passport copy after you confirm with us your itinerary. When we apply for your permit, we need to arrange your China visa invitation letter first. According to the memo between Nepal and China, all the travelers entering Tibet from Nepal have to apply for the China visa, whether he/she has china visa or not. And this china visa is called China Group Visa even there is only one person on the list.

How much does it usually cost per person per day for food?

The cost of food is different in each region of Tibet. In the general cities like Lhasa and Shigatse, it will usually cost about USD10-USD15/person/day for Chinese, Tibetan or Nepal food, a little bit higher for western food but not much.

When is the best time to travel to Tibet?

Base on years of our tour operating experience, from April to Oct is the best time to travel to Tibet, but choosing the best season to travel to Tibet mainly depends on the tour you are interested in, eg. if you are interested in Mt. Everest tour, the best time would be May, June, Sep and early Oct, EBC is relatively less windy and clear during these months, from the blue skies you could view the peak of Mt. Everest from the Everest Base Camp. If you are interested in western part of Tibet tour like to Mt. Kailash, from May to later Sep is the best time to travel there with a warmer climate and less rain, you would also have the opportunity to see local pilgrims during doing trekking tour in Mt. Kailash. Aug is the best time to feel local popular festivals celebrated in Tibet. However, different month different experiences.

What documents we need to provide in order to get the Tibet Permit?

Settled itinerary including the day by day arrangements and ENTRY / DEPART CITY to/from Tibet. These will be printed on your TTB permit, makes them the right date and the only city you can enter from & depart to from Tibet. It will take extra time & fee if later you want to change them. Colour copy of valid PASSPORT photo page. Colour copy of valid CHINA VISA page (Can wait for later. We can start the application without it first) Except L Visa(tourist visa), any other types of China Visa need additional stamped paper in Mandarin from your school/company in China. In which your full name, passport No., position, company add & Tel, etc. should be stated.

What can we eat in some remote areas such as at Mt.Everest & Mt.Kailash?

The food in some remote areas are very limited with less choice, you could only find some small restaurants and they serve noodles, fried rice and some simple dishes to order. For breakfast, they can make pancakes and omelets. So you better buy some food, milk and coffee etc in big cities in advance and bring along.

Can the Elderly and Kids Travel to Tibet?

Actually there is no age limitation for people to travel to Tibet, but theoretically, the kids who are under 7 or 8 years' old are not really recommended to travel to Tibet because the parents sometimes can’t tell if their children suffer from symptoms of altitude sickness. Meanwhile, traveling to regions with quite high altitudes such as at Ngari or Everest Base Camp is too risky for young kids to visit. But in Lhasa and surrounding areas are perfectly fine for kids to simply grab the rough idea of Tibetan culture and history.

As for the old, it's also hard to define the age as the boundary of whether being able to travel to Tibet. Things are not always absolute considering the age of traveling to high altitude places. Previously, our oldest client who came from the US and even made it to Everest Base Camp is at the age of 81 with his 76-year-old wife. So suggest you consult with your doctor and staying physically strong and healthy are a must before making the decision to travel to Tibet.

What kind of hotel do you provide in the trip?

Due to the rapid development of the tourism industry in Tibet recently years, the number of hotels & hostels level from the budget guesthouse to luxurious 5-star hotels have been increased, so, you have many choices on lodgings. And the hotels we provide have a good location and good reputations. But frankly speaking, the service qualities in Tibet are not the same as it in big cities such as New York, London, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

What if I buy a flight landing into Lhasa, and don’t have the proper travel permit. What are they really going?

Tibet Permit will be checked at airports in China. Even you have your flight to Tibet booked and paid, without Tibet Permit, you still won’t be allowed to board the flight to Tibet.

Can I book Tibet train by myself after I arrive in China?

Highly unlikely. Trains in China usually start to sell about 30 days in advance, and trains related to Tibet are always in high demands, and sold out very fast. Even a local Lhasa travel agency like Great Tibet Tour, has to buy the train tickets for our clients from scalpers at peak season.

If I only have the one entry China visa, can I travel to China and Tibet?

Yes, it's no problem.

How do I get the train ticket from you? Would you send it to my home or hotel?

After we purchase you the train ticket, we will provide you with an eTicket, along with your original passport you can exchange the paper ticket at any railway station in China.

What's Tibetan food like?

Tibetan people have unique food and drink due to the high altitude, their religious belief, and ethnic customs, their diet mainly consists of beef, milk and other high protein food such as yak meat and mutton to help them fight the cold. Tsampa is also the staple food in Tibet, it is a dough made with roasted barley flour and yak butter, Tibetan people eat this at every meal and bring it as ready-made food when traveling.

Is it better to take the train to Tibet vs. flying to avoid altitude sickness?

Not really. Inside the Tibet train, the air is filled with manmade oxygen starting from Xining Station, of which didn’t really help you acclimatize the high altitude gradually as you being led to believe.

What do I do if I get Altitude Sickness in Tibet?

Getting adequate rest and administering oxygen can help alleviate some of the symptoms of altitude sickness. The main form of treatment for all kinds of mountain sickness is to climb down (descend) to a lower altitude as rapidly and safely as possible. If a patient does not show any sign of improvement after 3 to 4 hours, he/she should go to a hospital for treatment.

How long we can get the Tibet Permit after we sent the documents to you?

Usually it takes 12 days, at least 7 days if you only travel in Lhasa city. The permit application is not only related Tibet Tourism Bureau, but also other department of government, such as Public Security Bureau, Foreign affair offices, and frontier defense department are involved. If you want to visit western Tibet like Mt. Kailash, Guge Kingdom, we have to provide the documents at least 1 month before your entering Tibet to military office. Only the documents passed the check-in can Tibet Tourism Bureau issue the permit.

Is the traffic safe in Tibet?

Nowadays, most roads are paved and road transport condition has improved. And we only use experienced drivers and safe cars to make sure your safety.

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