How to Pay Us

Great Tibet Tour accepts payment through Wire Transfer and PayPal.

Note: any extra transfer fee charged shall be at your own expense.

From Outside of China


We accept payment through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, PayPal system incorporates a way for you to send money to us who does, via credit card payment to our PayPal account. 

Note: PayPal charges transfer fee of 4.2%.  eg. in order to send us USD100, you shall transfer 100*4.2% extra. 100 + 100*4.2% = 104.2

Our PayPal account:  or CLICK HERE 

*Wire Transfer

Here below is the information of our account which accepts foreign currency(mainly USD or EUR), Please consult the local bank prior to transfer.
This is our official company account. Extra tax fee will be charged additionally if pay to this account.
This account DO NOT accept payment of CNY !

Bank Name Bank of China , Tibet Branch
Bank Account 138800002510
Beneficiary Tibet Niwei International Travel Co.Ltd
Tel (86) 891-6813333-6111
Fax (86) 891-6832796
Post Code (86) 850000

If You Are In China

*Wire Transfer

If you are living China, or already travel to China while booking, it’s much cheaper of transfer fee to wire transfer CNY to our CNY accounts below.

The bank staffs in China are usually very helpful with foreigners. You can ask them to help you fill in the transfer paper.

Private bank accounts for CNY:

Bank name Bank of China 中国银行 西藏自治区分行营业部
Account name 杨雪莲
Account number 6217 8579 0000 1711 448
Bank name Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited 中国工商银行
Account name 杨雪莲
Account number 6222 0201 5800 0094 017
Bank name China Construction Bank中国建设银行
Account name 赵吉明
Account number 6217 0040 5000 8025 335
Bank name Agricultural bank of China中国农业银行
Account name 赵吉明
Account number 6228 4838 7811 4067 875