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Private escorted tour with guide & vehicle at your service exclusively and the itinerary can be tailor-made to your exact liking.

Nepal is located in the south of Himalayas, and next to Tibet Autonomous Region from the north side. It is an amazing country that attracts people to travel around. There are 10 highest peaks in the world which Nepal owns 8. This trip will lead you to explore Nepal from Kathmandu to Nagarkot. You can see the great natural scenery and feel the strong Hinduism atmosphere. The attractions are including the main spots, such as Swyambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, Durbar Square, Patan Museum, etc.. And tourists can spend one night at Nagarkot Village, to enjoy the stunning sunset and sunrise of Himalaya. Then we will fly to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, to see different plateau scenery and Tibetan Buddhist constructions.

Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m)

Welcome to Kathmandu! Our Nepali tour guide will greet you at the Tribhuvan 

International Airport in Kathmandu and transfer you to the hotel. It’s only 6km from the airport to downtown area. After a little bit rest, you can wander around this old city by yourself.

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, was built in A.D.723, already more than 1200years until now. It is the symbol of Nepalese ancient culture with the great art of architecture and wood carving. Numbers of palaces, temples, pagodas, and

monasteries were built here during Nepal dynasties.

Stay overnight in Kathmandu

Day 2 Kathmandu sightseeing

Today you will start to explore Kathmandu with our experienced Nepali guide.

Firstly, you will go to Swyambhunath Temple to see the stupa there. Swyambhunath was built 2000 years ago, even older than Kathmandu city! It’s one of the World Cultural Heritages in Nepal. And it’s also called “Monkey Temple” as there are hundreds of wild monkeys live around it. The Swyambhunath Stupa is the second largest stupa in Nepal. The Buddha's eyes were painted on the four sides of the stupa, means Buddha is watching you. The paint makes it so sacred that many pilgrims come to worship.

Then you will go to see the largest stupa in Nepal, as well as in the world. Boudhanath Stupa is located in the eastern of Kathmandu. 90% of Nepalese are Hindu devotees. you can see Lord Shiva everywhere. But here, Boudhanath is a holy place of Tibetan Buddhism as it’s located in the main trading pass between Nepal and Tibet. So, every morning, there are many Tibetan Buddhist doing kora here, which is really an impressive scene.

In the end, we are heading to Pashupatinath Temple, the largest Hindu temple in Nepal. The god of destruction—Shiva is enshrined in it. “Pashu” means “all living creatures”, “Patinath” means “the lord”. This temple is also known as “corpse cremation temple” because it’s the place where Hindu devotees cremate the dead bodies in public.

Stay overnight in Kathmandu

Day 3 Kathmandu-Nagarkot(2175m), 35km, approx. 1.5hrs

Today we are going to visit Bhaktapur Durbar Square first.

“Durbar” means “Palace” in Nepalese language. There are three famous Durbar Squares in Nepal, one is in Kathmandu, one is in Bhaktapur, and the last in Patan. After the 6th. King of Malla Dynasty died, all his three sons wanted to be the new king, so they controlled three different places and fight each other. These three Durbar Squares were built during that time.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is bigger than the other two squares. There are many temples, statues and palace over 500years history there, thus it’s called “The Treasure of Medieval Nepalese Art” and “Outdoor Museum” as well.

After lunch, we are going to Nagarkot, 35km from Kathmandu. It’s called the “Viewing Deck of Himalaya” because it’s the best place to see the overall perspective of Himalaya. It used to be the secluded place of the Nepalese rulers, but since 70’s it became the most popular place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The tour peak season is Oct. to Mar. every year.

Stay overnight in Nagarkot village

Day 4 Nagarkot-Kathmandu, 35km, approx. 1.5hrs

After enjoying the great sunrise of Himalaya in Nagarkot, today we are going to another Durbar Square---Patan Durbar Square. It’s also one of the world cultural heritages in Nepal. The biggest difference compared with other two squares is the Newari classical architecture here.

In the afternoon, we are going to the Patan Museum. It may be the best museum in the South Asian Sub-Continent. It’s a complex of modern and ancient architecture art. The specialty seeing are those bronze statues, which are gods of Hindu and Buddhism. There are three showrooms of Hindu while 2 of Buddhism.

We will go back to Kathmandu in the late afternoon.

Stay overnight in Kathmandu

Day 5 Kathmandu sightseeing

Today we will go to visit the last Durbar Square--- the one in Kathmandu.

It seems you witness the history of Nepal when you are in Kathmandu Durbar Square as you can see many ancient buildings, artistic carvings, and mysterious temples. Meanwhile, the whiz of motorcycles, the street vendors, the walking people, the football-playing children, the flying pigeons, and the cows, sheep, dogs, cats, all of these make Kathmandu Durbar Square a big busy market in modern times. You can wander around and enjoy the leisure time with locals. Oh, don’t forget to try the special Nepalese food---Momos, one kind of cheap food with great taste.

Have a good night today as we will leave Kathmandu to Lhasa tomorrow.

Stay overnight in Kathmandu

Day 6 Flight: Kathmandu-Lhasa(3680m)

It takes around one and a half hours to Lhasa from Kathmandu by flight.

This is the first day you enter Tibet. Your Tibetan guide will greet you at the airport and send you to the lovely hotel. It usually takes 1.5 hours to drive from Lhasa Airport to downtown Lhasa. Tourists could have a look at Yarlung Tsangpo River, the largest and longest river in Tibet on their way to the hotel. After check in, you can have a good rest first. And if you feel like to go out, you can wonder around the city. But just remember that don’t take too much stuff, try to go with a light pack. Meanwhile, drink some more water. It’s really useful to get acclimatized to the high altitude.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Day 7 Lhasa sightseeing

After rest one night, today you will recover sufficiently to launch your Lhasa city tour, with a close contact with Lhasa, the political, economic, cultural, communication and tourism center of Tibet with a history over 1300 years.

At first, you will go to the Potala Palace, which is the symbolic place of Lhasa and also the winter palace of the Dalai Lama. It was built by the 33rd. great king of Tibet in the 7th. century. The gilded burial stupas of former Dalai Lamas and meditation Cave of the 33rd great king of Tibet are the most worth seeing in Potala Palace.

After lunch, you are going to Jokhang Temple, which was founded in the same time and by the same king with Potala Palace. From outside, you can see many pilgrims making prostrating in front of the temple. From inside, you can see the statue of Buddha Sakyamuni at his age of 12.

Barkhor street is the next destination that women love a lot. Because it’s a famous busy walking street where they can go shopping. There are many distinctive shops that sell different Tibetan stuff, like handicraft, Thangka, and so on. Except for shopping, tourists can also join the Kora with pilgrims and locals, to explore Tibetan religious culture more deeply.


You can go to visit the Tibetan handicraft art or Tibetan Traditional Medicine center if time is enough. You can also watch the Tibetan Culture Show in the evening for USD60 per person at your own expense.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Potala Palace
Jokhang Temple
Day 8 Lhasa sightseeing

In the morning, you are heading to Drak Yerpa, a place may not be that famous but with its own advantage. It consists of a monastery and a number of ancient meditation caves. There are some holes that kind of arrows left in the cliffs are believed to prove that the legendary hero Gesar of Ling had visited this valley.

In the afternoon, tourists will pay a visit to Sera Monastery, which is one of the “great three” Gelug monasteries of Tibet. Monks debate starts around 3 to 5 p.m.. It’s very attractive even if you don’t understand what they are talking about at all. If the debate is not your type, you can also see the three sand Mandalas and colorful Rock Painting of Budda inside of the monastery. Besides, the sight in Sera monastery is very good because you can see roses around. That’s why people also call it “the court of wild rose”.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Drak Yerpa
Sera Monastery
Day 9 Lhasa-Namtso(4600m)-Lhasa, 500km, approx. 9hrs

Today you are going to see Namtso lake, one of the three most holy lakes in Tibet. It’s also the third largest salt lake in China and the highest lake in the world. The name of Namtso means “lake from heaven” in the Tibetan language. And the gorgeous landscape is really like from heaven. You will be totally intoxicated with it. After that, we are going back to Lhasa though Yampachen(4300m) and Tsuphu(4300).

Located 92km from Lhasa city, Yampachen is rich in geothermal energy and is known for hot spring bath. People enjoy the blue sky and white cloud when taking a bath in therapeutic hot spring.

Tip: We usually only include the entry fee of Yampachen, for bathing you can pay on the spot. There are many different pools, which charges from CNY 50-100 per person.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Yampachen hot springs
Tsurphu Monastery
Day 10 Lhasa departure
Your tour ends today. Our guide and driver will collect you from your hotel to transfer to Lhasa Airport/Railway for your next destination.

Our private customized Tibet tours are ideal for families, small groups and individual travellers who desire a more thorough and intimate introduction to Tibet. Price varies with size, season, hotel rate. etc. Please fill out this form so our travel designers can start helping you plan a trip.

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I am interested to take the 10-day Nepal-Tibet tour in October. Can you give me the dates the tour is available, and the corresponding cost? Including single supplement. I'll be flying from SFO, but flight arrangements will depend on the date that I will choose. Thanks!




Dear JORGE DOCTOLERO,you are required to apply for China Group Visa in Kathmandu with our help as long as you enter Tibet from Nepal, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal is off on both weekend and some national holidays, it’s our Chinese National Day from 1st to 7th Oct, so I suggest you start your Nepal & Tibet tour on or after 10th Oct is better. 

I’m glad to hear you are interested in taking our 10 Days-Nepal Tibet Flight Tour, this is a totally private tour, I will send you the tour cost of it by email soon with detailed service included and excluded. 



Well, my plan is to make an individual trip in order to visit Nepal and Tibet. My idea was to leave from Italy ( Rome's airports, both Fiumicino or Ciampino are ok, or even Perugia's Airport if possible, but I'm glad to think that won't be because I've already checked many flights and the results were not good) after the 5th of September for about 9-10 days, and get back before the 30th of September. What I would like to see in this travel are: all the details of Kathmandu and Nepal (but I've read in your programme the we should visit more than only one city, so fantastic!) from historical buildings to museums and "not turistic" zones of the city (and I want to ask if the programme provides some free time to visit indipendently the cities?) and do some trekking to see nature (I know that the best period to do trekking is October or even the winter period but I only got September to make this travel). My maximum budget is 1500 euros. I think that I've wrote all the necessary for you, if something lack, rewrite me please and I'll answer.




Dear Francesco, thanks for telling us your travel plan! I got them all. Regarding the Nepal tour, I'll provide you the details later. Now, I would like to suggest you to consider to join our 8 days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour which will start on 16 Sep. The price is US$1020 with the 3-star hotels and the single supplement is US$140. More details please check the email, thank you!



I am arriving in Nepal around the 22nd August with the intention of using it as a starting point for a tour of Tibet. Is it possible to travel overland into tibet and fly back from Lhasa to Katmandu? If so what would the cost of the trip be - I could do from 7 to 10 days.




Dear Jerry Browne, you probably not know, due to the earthquake and floods on Sino-Nepal border in earlier 2015, the overland border is currently NOT available for travelers, the exact opening time of Sino-Nepal border has been postponed many time by the government, so far when the border will be accessible is still up in the air, so I'm afraid you have to fly between Kathmandu and Lhasa this year. If you could, I suggest you to join our 8 Days-Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour starting on 25th Aug as a solo traveler. 



I'm looking to tour around 1 - 15 Sep for Nepal/Tibet tour. Can you provide me itinerary and cost for one person travel?




Dear Tere

I'm sorry to tell you that there is no 15-day Napel/Tibet group tour during 1 to 15 sep. so I advise you to join our 9-day Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Everest Namtso group tour on 6 sep.would you mind to change your traveling plan? And if you could,I will arrange the itinerary and quote for you. But before that, I need more essential information. What kind of accommdation do you need? 



I wish to be in Lahsa for the ahuton festival August 2017 2 persona Please offer a suitable plan




Dear Anat Hadash, the Shoton Festival will be held on 21 Aug, 2017. Could you kindly let me know more information as following so that I can provide you the proposal accordingly?

1. How many days you plan to stay in Tibet?

2. What kind of accommodation you would like to stay in, the Luxurious (5-star), the comfortable (4-star)/economy class (3-star) hotel or the budget guest house?

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