Lhasa Tsedang Tour

Lhasa Tsedang Tour is one of an inspiring spiritual tour in Tibet. As the origin of Tibetan Civilization, Tsedang is popular with most of pilgrims and travelers who want a spiritual transformation in their being. And Lhasa is considered a miracle in the world for its ancient buildings and cultures. Lhasa Tsedang tour connects the two vital parts and puts a magnificent show in front of you. This tour include valuable places such as the Potala Palace(the center of Tibet), Samye Monastery (the first temple in Tibet), Tradruk Temple (a place where you can find a precious Thangka with thousands of pearls and jewels) and Yumbu Lhakhang(the first palace in Tibet).

  • 5 days
  • L06

Lhasa & Samye Monastery Tour

After sightseeing in & around Lhasa for 2~3 days, we’ll go to visit the Samye Monastery. It is a heavily symbolic collection of chapels, chortens, and shrines arranged around a medieval Tibetan-, Chinese- and an Indian-style temple called the Utse. The 1200-year-old Samye Monastery is a place where Guru Rinpoche battled demons to introduce Buddhism to Tibet and where the future course of Tibetan Buddhism was sealed in a great debate.
Lhasa Tsetang Yarlung Valley Tour
  • 6 days
  • M07

Lhasa Tsetang Yarlung Valley Tour

Tsetang is Tibet s heartland and has almost all the land scape you ll find across the plateau, from sand dunes and wide rivers to soaring peaks and alpine forest. The Yarlung Valley is considered all the cradle of Tibetan civilization. It was from Yarlung that the early Tibetan kings unified Tibet in the 7th century and their massive burial mound still dominate the area around Chongye. Yumbulagang, perched on a crag like a medieval European castle, is another major attraction of the area and the site of Tibet’s oldest building..
Ganden to Samye Tibet Trekking Tour
  • 9 days
  • T01

Ganden to Samye Tibet Trekking Tour

Ganden to Samye Trek has much to offer: lakes, beautiful alpine landscapes, herders’ camps and sacred sites, as well as two of Tibet’s greatest centres of religious culture. This demanding trek crosses over two passes over 5000m, connects two of Tibet’s most important monasteries and begins less than 50km from Lhasa.
Lhasa-Namtso-Tsetang Tour
  • 9 days
  • M03

Lhasa Namtso Tsetang Tour

If you’re very interested in the Tibetan culture, we highly recommend to you the 9 days Lhasa Namtso Tsetang Tour. After spending several days to see the main attractions in Lhasa, you’ll go to the holy lake Namtso. On the way, you can enjoy the view of the vast grassland and spectacular natural scenery. Meanwhile, you have the chance to take a bath in the famous Yampachen Hot Spring. Tsetang will be the last destination for you in Tibet. It is situated near the flank of Mount Gongbori and is home to the ruins of the ancient Gajiu Monastery. It is known as the cradle of Tibetan's civilization.
  • 10 days
  • M05

Lhasa Tsetang Shigatse Namtso Tour

This is an excursion that focuses on exploring Tibet culture from the natural and historical spots. Tourists travel from Lhasa, Tsetang, Gyantse, to Shigatse, almost the mighty cities of Tibet. The world-known attractions, like the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, and the holy lakes Yamdrotso, Namtso, are all included in this itinerary. Besides, tourists can enjoy the bath in hot spring at a high altitude. Overall speaking, this is a relatively easy route compared with others in Tibet because there is no trekking in it.
On the way
  • 7 days
  • T08

Chimpuk Hermitage Trekking Tour

Chimpuk Hermitage is a warren of caves northest of Samye that was once a meditation retreat for Guru Rinpoche. It is a popular day hike for travellers from Samye to Chimpuk which takes around 4 or 5 hours up, abt 7km. If you are feeling fit and acclimatized, it is possible to climb to the top of the peak above Chimpuk.
Cham Festival
  • 6 days
  • F07

Samye and Trandruk Cham Festival

Samye and Trandruk Cham Festival would be respectively held at Samye and Trandruk monasteries for two or three days in early July. It would be respectively held at Samye and Trandruk monasteries for two or three days. The main attractions are special ceremonies and cham dancing which has the multitude and divergence of the colorful masks. Besides, you can visit the famous Chongye Burial Mounds, one of the few historical monuments in Tibet. After this tour, you will know better the Tibet monasteries culture and has a creative epiphany in your life.
  • 8 days
  • M04

Lhasa Tsetang Lhamo Latso Tour

In this tour, the most attractive tourist site is Lhamo Latso Lake which is one of Ü s most important pilgrimage destinations; Lhamo Latso has been revered for centuries as an oracle lake. The Dalai Lamas have traditionally made pilgrimages to Lhamo Latso to seek visions that appear on its surface. The lake is considered the home of the protectress Palden Lhamo. (But not available to foreign travelers at the moment)

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