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Located in the west of China, Tibet is a land of lofty heights and religious significance. Also known as "the roof of the world", the Tibet Autonomous Region provides a unique perspective of China to all the tourists. Attracted by its natural wonders and historic culture, every year numerous tourists at home and abroad travel to Tibet.

When traveling to Tibet, you not only see the breathtaking mountains and valleys but also visit the ancient Buddhist Temples and Monasteries which are the masterpieces of arts and culture. In Tibet, you have lots of things to do including climbing the world highest peak, pilgrimaging to Mount Kailash, visiting the Potala Palace, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of unique valleys. And the best time to travel to Tibet is from April to October when the weather is appropriate and the natural beauty of Tibet are at the climax.

If you wanna explore the deep cultural beauty of Tibet, you shouldn't miss the fantastic cultural cuisine. Due to the arid climate and high elevation, the diet of Tibetan is quite different from that in other parts of China. Yak play a significant role in Tibetan diet. Meanwhile, the food items like yogurt and butter are the common dishes in Tibetan dining table. If you wanna taste the traditional Tibetan cuisine, don't miss the tsampa, yak butter, yak yogurt and raw yak meat.

It will be an unforgettable experience for your Tibet travel if you explore Tibet in the festival because there are many unique festivals in the region with strongly Buddhist culture. In Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, there are annual festivals including the Tibetan New Year and the Shoton Festival. There are also some minor festivals associating with the monasteries and the local traditions. Taking a trip to Lhasa, especially during a festival period is an excellent way to explore Tibet.

Though Tibet seems to be unreachable and mysterious, it is not difficult for tourists to get to Tibet. Tourists can get to Tibet from the mainland of China or Nepal. Traveling to Tibet by air is considered as the most convenient way. You can take direct flights from Kathmandu, Npeal to Lhasa or fly to the mainland of China and take the connecting flights to other cities of Tibet. In addition, taking a train to Tibet is a popular way for tourists who wanna see the beautiful landscape of Tibet. Presently, there are five direct Tibet trains carrying tourists over Qinghai-Tibet Railway. And tourists can also explore Tibet by road because there are five Tibet highways leading to Lhasa from different directions.

When carrying a travel to Tibet, you may figure out what documents you needed. Unlike traveling to other places of Tibet, Tourists who wanna travel to Tibet need a Tibet Travel Permit which can be applied by a local travel agency in Tibet. Except for Tibet Travel Permit, A China Visa is necessary for foreign tourists. However, if you travel from Kathmandu to Tibet, you need to apply for a group visa rather than China visa.

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Beijing is the capital of China
Travel to Tibet from Beijing

Travel to Tibet from Beijing is a good choice because you can enjoy different culture and nature of two cities in China. You can travel to Lhasa from Beijing conveniently by train or by plane. We offer different packages in Tibet and you'll have a perfect travel.

Travel to Tibet from Malaysia

For Malaysian travelers who want to travel to Tibet, you can fly to mainland China such as Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou first then transfer to Lhasa by train or plane. Also you can fly to Kathmandu, Nepal then transfer to Lhasa by flight or road.

Travel to Tibet from Malaysia

For Malaysian travelers who want to travel to Tibet, you can fly to mainland China such as Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou first then transfer to Lhasa by train or plane. Also you can fly to Kathmandu, Nepal then transfer to Lhasa by flight or road.

Fly to Tibet from Singapore is easy
Travel to Tibet from Singapore

It’s easy to travel to Tibet from Singapore. For Singapore citizens, you are recommended to fly to Chengdu then take a flight or train to Lhasa. Although Singapore citizens don’t need to apply for a Chinese Visa. To go to Tibet, you need a Chinese Visa for your Tibet Travel Permit.

It's easy to travel from the U.S. to Tibet
Travel to Tibet from United States

Every year, lots of tourists travel to Tibet from US. From America, you can fly to major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, etc., among which we suggest you fly to Chengdu first for more available flights and cheaper train tickets. Visiting Tibet from US via Nepal is also a viable option.

Travel to Tibet from Nepal
Travel to Tibet from Nepal

Traveling to Tibet from Nepal offers the opportunity to experience two different cultures and you will understand Tibet better. There're two ways currently. You will see the recommended itineraries, highlights along the way and the necessary permits.

Travel to Tibet from Australia
How to Travel to Tibet From Australia

If you are from Australia and desire to travel in Tibet, this article is just for you. Here is a detailed info about the documents you need before flying to China and Tibet as well as the transportaion from Australia to Tibet.

How to Travel to Tibet from Malaysia?

Each year, more and more Malaysian travelers are going to Tibet. And they can choose to get to Tibet via mainland China or via Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tibet tour
How to travel to Lhasa from Beijing?

One of the best ways to get to Lhasa is from Beijing. No matter where you are from, you can first reach to Beijing, the capital of China, and then take a train or fly to Lhasa.

Travelers wonder that is it safe to travel to Tibet?
Is It Safe to Travel to Tibet?

Tibet is a safe place with the low crime rate. Most dangers come from the physical environment, especially the altitude. However, you still need to know some potential safety hazards of Tibet, such as wild animals, food, valuables, Terrorism, etc.

 traveling from the U.S. to Tibet become easier than it once was
Can Americans Travel to Tibet?

As a U.S.citizen, you can definitely travel to Tibet. There're two ways for Americans to get to Tibet, from mainland China or from Kathmandu. Whatever, you need to work with an organized Tibet travel agency for your Tibet Travel Permit, tour itinerary and plan your trip prior.