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  • by Ghita
  • 2018-04-18
There are thousands of overseas tourists traveling to Tibet including the UK citizens. Traveling to Tibet is a one-life tour that will take you to a unique region in China, a region you may never see in the UK or throughout the EU.
Tibet is a stunning land of high mountains, beautiful scenery, and captivating lakes and it is the holy place of Buddhist culture. 
Now, you may wonder how to plan a tour to Tibet from the UK, here we can give you the best answer. Due to the government regulation, individual travelers are not allowed to travel to Tibet unless joining an organized Tibet tour. When choosing the Tibet travel agency, you should focus on their location and quality because only the local travel agency can arrange the Tibet tours. Tibet tour packages you find on the other travel agency outside from Lhasa are also provided by those local travel agency while it is a little bit expensive than get the direct price from the local travel agencies. Great Tibet tour is a local travel agency in Lhasa that has operated Tibet tourism for more than 10 years. We provide both the group tour and private tour to our customs and we promise to give a good service to our customs with experienced Tibetan guide, private vehicle, and driver for your entire trip. 
How to Get to Tibet from the UK
Getting to Tibet from the United Kingdom of Great Britain requires you to travel almost halfway around the world covering a distance of 7,000 miles to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. There are two ways to get to Tibet from the UK. You can choose from either Nepal or China as your initial destination.
You can take flights from UK to Tibet via major cities from China such as Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, then transfer from those cities to Tibet. Here are some route details.
1. Longdon-Chengdu-Tibet
As the closest city to Tibet, Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province is definitely the best gateway to Tibet.There are connecting flights from London to Chengdu Shuangliu international airport. In general, it takes about 17 hours to get to Chengdu. Once you arrive at Chengdu, there are three ways to get to Tibet. You can take flights to Lhasa from Chengdu which takes about 3 hours. Taking trains to Tibet from Chengdu will take about 44hours because the train follows the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. However, taking the Chengdu Lhasa train to Tibet, you are able to see the breathtaking mountain view, the beautiful grassland, and the stunning Qinghai Lake. Indeed, there are some tourists choose to get an overland tour to Tibet from Chengdu because alongside the way, they can witness the most beautiful nature view of China.
2. Longdon-Beijing-Tibet
There are daily flights from Longdon to Beijing, so it is easy for you to travel to Beijing then transfer from Beijing to Tibet. There are several flights to Lhasa from Beijing every day. The direct flights to Tibet will take about 4 hours. Also, you can choose to take trains to Tibet from Beijing that will take about 43 hours.
Actually, there are some travelers prefer to get to Tibet via Kathmandu Nepal. For the UK citizen, there are two ways to get to Tibet via Nepal. The flights from London to Kathmandu takes around 12 hours, then you can take direct flights from Kathmandu, Nepal to Lhasa that takes about 1.5 hours.
For people, who wanna explore Nepal and Tibet all at once, the best way is taking the Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour to Tibet. You can drive from Kathmandu to the border at Gyirong Port, then drive from Gyirong to Lhasa.
Required Documents for Tibet Tour for the UK Citizen
1. China Visa
UK Citizens who traveling to Tibet from major cities of China should apply for a China Visa to travel to China. You can apply for the China Visa through the Chinese Embassy in London or one of the Consular offices around the country. 
2.Group Tourist Visa
UK Citizens traveling to Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal to Tibet should get a Group Tourist Visa instead of the Chinese visa. You can apply for it through the Chinese Embassy in Nepal. If you join our Tibet tour, we will help you get it
3. Tibet Travel Permits
No matter you enter Tibet from mainland China or Nepal, you need to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet which can only be applied by the local travel agency in Tibet. Great Tibet Tour a travel agency, based in Lhasa can help our tourists to obtain the Tibet permits with the scanned passport and two photos to apply. 
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