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More and more challenging travelers want to have a unique experience in Tibet. Covering an area of above 2.3 million square kilometers, Tibet is a huge region with charming landscapes. You can’t imagine the vast contrast between the east region and the far west region of Tibet. The majestic Himalaya Mountains stand in the south and the pastoral areas are in the north. In Tibet, you can experience the snow-capped mountains as well as the traditional nomadic lifestyle. Once you explore on this vast land, you’ll be impressed with its superb beauty and entranced with its unique culture.

Besides classic tour packages which cover the must-see scenic sites in Tibet, such as the Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, Namtso Lake, Ganden, and Yamdrok Lake, some travelers need an itinerary which is designed for their personal interests. Great Tibet Tour can provide you customizable tour packages which cover the breathtaking landscape, mysterious culture, spiritual experience, and Buddhist arts.

To have some days around Lhasa and have a close encounter with Tibetan culture, to visit marvelous temples dotted on the holy land and experience pilgrim’s pure heart, or to explore the Mt. Everest and be shocked by the highest mountain in the world, your itinerary totally depends on your schedule and interests. To meet your needs, we prepared a wide range of meticulously designed itineraries and offer you an unforgettable experience. You can choose a suitable one from the collection, or customize your personal route.

If you’re tempted into touring in Tibet by charming photos you’ve seen before, you can have you dreamy journey by visiting most famous landscapes. You will face the majestic Potala Palace, the stunning Mt. Everest and the holy Yamdrok Lake in the land which is closest to the sky. Being blessed with blue sky, bright sunshine, and fresh air, you can meet the most devout Buddhists and the most hospitable people with pure hearts.

For travelers who are interested in religious culture, you can explore the revered Jokhang Temple, visit the Sera Monastery, and browse Buddhist amulets and paintings in Barkhor Street. Cultural treasures in the Drepung Monastery will impress you while ancient meditation caves and temple complex in Drak Yerpa will inspire you.

For nature lovers who are eager to go up a snow-capped mountain, it’s a good choice to pay a visit to the Everest Base Camp and the holy Mt. Kailash. Ascend to dizzying heights and have a panoramic view of astounding landscapes, you’ll admire the nature and stand in awe of it.

As a professional local travel agency with 13-years experience, we guarantee every traveler the best travel experience with thoughtful consultants and experienced travel guides. Our consultants will make the most suitable itinerary for your customized tour and send every detail to you by email. Once you arrive in Tibet, you’ll find our Tibetan guides are good in English and well-trained. Hospitable guides and drivers will show the beauty of this mysterious land to you and make your journey safe and colorful at the same time. If you have any problem during your tour, they are always ready to help.

During your tour in Tibet, our professional team will always be here to assure you a colorful, safe, innovative and remarkable journey.

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