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7 most famous delicacy in Tibet

  • by Larry
  • Last Updated: 2017-07-24
  • 1. Momos Momos

    Momos are home cooking available everywhere in Tibet. It would be a pity if someone has a Tibet tour without trying this local specialty. Filled with meat, momos are in a shape of steamed buns like the Chinese baozi. The pastry which made from flour and water is a bit thicker than Chinese dumplings but softer. Tibetans usually fill momos with beef or yak meat mixed with chili sauce. Some Tibetan would fry it, served in soup or fill momos by other ingredients such as potatoes.

  • 2. Yak Butter Tea Yak Butter Tea

    As a mixture of yak butter, brick tea, milk, and eggs, Yak Butter Tea is a typical drink for Tibetans. High in calories, it tastes pure and sweet. This special tea is good for health, especially it is effective in treating altitude sickness. When you drink with locals, do remember that never finish up all the tea in your cup. It's a tradition for the host to top up your cup when you savoring the unique taste. When you have drunk enough, just leave your cup untouched until you leave.

  • 3. Balep Korkun Balep Korkun

    As a kind of bread made from tsampa (barley flour), Balep Korkun is one of the most popular snacks in Tibet. It’s rich in energy and plays an important role in resisting altitude sickness. If you feel sleepy or dizzy in plateau area, take some balep korkum and you may get better.

    You can make it more delicious by adding butter or cumin to balep korkum, some of which taste sweet because they are made with sugar cane juice. You can easily get them by visiting a local market.

  • 4. Sha Phaley Sha Phaley

    Sha Phaley is a Tibetan bread which filled by beef and cabbage. By the appearance of a crescent, these fried beef pies are widely loved by Tibetans and be the first choice for local gatherings. Together with a basic rutang (beef) soup, Sha Phaley is usually served as lunch or dinner. On the whole, it’s a nutritious and wonderful meat pie which makes you feel joyful and energetic.

  • 5. The Tricholoma matsutake soup The Tricholoma matsutake soup

    Tricholoma matsutake is the only fungus can’t be grown by artificial methods, with Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps sinensis, and Morchella is together called “the top four fungus in China”. NyingChi in Tibet is one of the most important areas of Tricholoma matsutake in China. Enjoy a soup of this great delicacy could be an unforgettable memory on a trip to Tibet.

  • 6. Tibetan fragrance pig Tibetan fragrance pig

    Tibetan fragrance pig is also known as “Ginseng pig”, it’s a unique Lean Type Pig which lives in the forest at an altitude of 3,000 to 4,000 meters. These pigs live a free-range lifestyle and feed on wild plants which made its meat delicious and nutritious.

  • 7. Tibetan yogurt Tibetan yogurt

    As one of the indispensable food for Tibetans for more than one thousand years, Tibetan yogurt is made from fresh yak milk and has a unique taste. The famous Sour Milk Festival in Tibet is named after this special yogurt. Tibetan yogurt tastes a bit sour, however, if you add some sugar to this natural food, it may be an exciting food for you.

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