Tibet Jin Cheng International Business Hotel is located at Middle Beijing Road, Lhasa, just beside CAAC ticket center and only 60 km away from Gonggar International Airport. The world famous Potala Palace, Johkang Temple and Bharkor Street are all within 10 minutes from the hotel on walk.

There are also many large scale department stores and supermarkets nearby the hotel. It is at a very convenient place both for communication and living. They are all built and decorated according to five-stat hotel standard and look luxuriously and elegantly with all possible comforts. The hotel is equipped with wide band internet access system, programmable telephone exchange system, satellite cable TV system and central air conditioning system and offers service items such as business center and tourist consultation. The advanced modern equipment and careful and fine services offered by the hotel will be sure to provide the biggest convenience to your business activities. It is also a first choice for your tour, leisure and commercial living. Tibet Jing Cheng International Business Hotel will become inthe Tibet area commerce hotel the representative brand, and graduallywill develop the national well-known chain-like brand. We arguevigorously through to all staff's specialized training, constantlymaintains the high level, the high grade service and the managementlevel, guarantees us the visitor to obtain the greatest degreesatisfaction, causes it to become the upscale team, the commercialvisitor first choice stays at the hotel.

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