Tibet kailash hotel is a three star hotel with standard design. Located in the most ethnic and prosperous part of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet autonomous region, it is 200 meters from the Jokhang Temple in the east, 50 meters from the Ramoche Temple and 800 meters from the majestic Potala Palace. The hotel has more than 60 guest rooms such as economy room, business affair centre, and council chamber, dining hall, cyber café and restaurant providing western style foods. It was built by granite with European and Tibetan Style in 2000. Standing on the top of the building, the Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, the Ramoche Temple, the Sera Monastery and the snow-capped mountain in the distance and the view of Lhasa city are all in sight.

Kailash Hotel has complete functions and facilities, including parking lot, elevator, electronic door lock, international and domestic direct phone, broadband Internet, cable TV, cold water, air conditioning, smoke alarm system, safety monitoring, and fire protection facilities system. The hotel also has 19 travel buses to facilitate guests' travel.

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