Nyingchi Travel Guide

Nyingchi means “Throne of the Sun” in the Tibetan language, which indicates it’s the place where the sun rises. It is located in the southwest of Tibet Autonomous Region, at an average elevation about 3,100 meters. Nyingchi covers an area of 117,000 square kilometers. Till to 2016, the total population of Nyingchi was 203,000. The famous Himalayas and Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains in the west are like two parallel dragons protecting this peaceful land with the Hengduan Mountains in the east. The deepest canyon in the world - the Grand Brahmaputra Canyon is also located in Nyingchi. Due to the special geography conditions, the climate in Nyingchi is pleasant for living, which makes the natural scenery is as splendid as the south of the Yangtze. That’s why it is called “the Jiangnan in Tibet”; for western tourists, it’s “the Switzerland in Tibet” as well.

Nyingchi is the paradise made by snow mountains, forests, and canyons. You will feel romantic when you are here. There is a famous story that spread widely in Nyingchi. “I have been begging Buddha for five hundred years, for meeting you at my most beautiful age. The Buddha turned me into a tree, growing on the road you will pass by...”


The best time to travel to Nyingchi is from March to May, and September to October. Because December to February is cold, while June to August is the monsoon.

The map of Nyingchi perfecture in Tibet.

What are the famous tourist spots in Nyingchi? In fact, Nyingchi itself is the most recommended attraction, because wherever and whenever you see in Nyingchi is picturesque scenery which will totally get you intoxicated.

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Here we list 17 hotels in Nyingchi Prefecture, including the ten best hotels in Nyingchi, such as Nyingchi Minshan Hotel (4-star), Tibet Nyingchi Hotel (4-star), Nyingchi Xiang Pa La Hotel (4-star), and so on.

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In Nyingchi, you can eat a good variety of the gastronomic cuisine such as Stone bowl chicken, Zangxiang pig and Shousi Mutton. And here is the brief introduction which guides you to set up your own culinary exploration in Nyingchi.

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Nyingchi, one of the important birthplaces of ancient Tibetan civilization is a must-see place when you travel to Tibet. Useful information about Nyingchi include history, transportation and weather.

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