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Gyantse means “the peak of victory” in Tibetan. It’ an ancient place at an elevation of about 4000 meters in average above sea level. As a traffic hub in the line connected China and India for hundreds years, Gyantse has long been the center for border trade and a key site for the pilgrims on a Tibet trip. Once it was the third city of Tibet, although the town is not as busy as before, perhaps it was because of this, the charm in the land has been well preserved.

The most famous attraction in Gyantse is Pelkor Chöde Monastery which is unique temple with Sakya, Zhalu, and Gulug sect live together peacefully. A tower called One-Hundred-Thousand-Buddha Tower kept there is one of the most magnificent masterpiece within Tibet. Besides, Gyantse Dzong and Karula glacier are sites you can’t missing in a Tibet tour. With good hotel and delicious local foods, Gyantse could be a town that make you feel warm and exciting.

Gyantse in Tibet map.

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Pelkor Chode Monastery in Gyantse is very famous in Tibet.
Gyantse Attractions

Located between Shigatse and Lhasa, Gyantse is a unique city famous for its long historical culture and splendid civilization. As a new tourist destination in Tibet, Gyantse is a place full of attractions such as Gyantse Kumbum, Pelkor Chode Monastery, and Gyantse Fortress.

Nice to stay in Gyantse for one night.
Gyantse Hotels

As an important place on the way from Lhasa to Shigatse, Gyantse provides the tourists many hotels to choose. The hotels in Gyantse offers single room, double rooms and triple rooms with bathroom. The travelers could have a good rest and enjoy a comfortable experience there.

Gyantse Travel Advice
Gyantse Travel Advice

Gyantse is a popular travel fort in Tibet. However, do you know what are the top attractions in Gyantse, what is the best time to go there and how about the accommodation situation?

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