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Tibet tour
Many travelers choose to get to Lhasa from Hongkong as Hongkong itself is a major transportation hub and tourist destination. Among the routes to Tibet from Hongkong, travel to Tibet via Chengdu is the most recommended.
Beautiful landscape of Tibet
Many international tourists travel to Lhasa from Shanghai but there's around 2,944 kilometers distance. Check the three viable options to get to Tibet from Shanghai, namely: by Shanghai Lhasa train, by flight, or by a combination of plane and train travel.
Most people are confused by the Northern and Southern overland routes from Chengdu to Lhasa tour.
Sichuan Tibet overland Tour includes the Northern and Sourthern routes. Most people can't identify among the 2 routes. Check the overview of what you would be confronted with when you take either route and find the best one for you.
Chengdu is the hometown of the adorable Giant Pandas
Do you know how to get to Tibet from Chengdu? The following text will tell you the detailed information for traveling from Chengdu to Lhasa.