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At an elevation of more than 4200 meters, Bomi is located in the southeast of Tibet, to the east side of of The Himalayas. Situated in the east coast of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Bomi is a Shangrila surrounded by lofty snow mountains. Bomi means ancestor in Tibetan, because it’s the birthplace of Nyatri Tsenpo who was the first king of Tibet. According to legend, one of the 'hidden lands' that Guru Rinpoche mentions in the prophecy, hides in the borders of Bomi. This attracts a great many of Tibetan pilgrims on a tour for the promised land from the 7th century.

With the immense virgin forests, wide variety of wildlife, and highly-valued tourist resources, Bomi is an exciting place for tourists. The Midui glacier, the most important maritime glacier in Tibet, has been rated one of the top six beautiful glacier by Chinese National Geography. The Yigong Lake, which covers an area of about 200,000 square kilometers, is a barrier lake formed by a massive debris flow in the 1900. Bomi is also a land rich in wildlife especially some rare animals such as spotted deer, golden monkeys, and leopards. Besides, there you can find precious medicinal herbs like Gastrodia elata and Cordyceps sinensis which are unique to East Asia and South Asia.

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