Tibet Weather

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  • 2017-11-16

Tibet plateau is regarded as the "roof of the world" with average altitude of over 4000m, due to high altitude in Tibet and the temperature is usually lower than same season in any other cities in China, it's a little bit harsh with thin air, strong ultraviolet ray and distinct rainy & dry season. Have plan the trip to Tibet, travelers need more information about weather and climate all year around in Tibet and can prepare clothing and other necessary packaging accordingly.

The best time to travel to Tibet is from April to Oct each year, with best weather condition and delightful sceneries, please pack for your Tibet trip based on below given information

Spring/March - May , the weather is beginning to warm up but the temperature is still low because the ice starts to melt, so long-sleeve shirt, warm sweater and jacket are needed.

Summer/June - Aug , it's Tibet tourism golden time during this 3 months, many kinds of festivals are holding in Tibet such as Ganden Thangka Festival, Shoton Festival and Nagqu Horse Racing Festival, you could still enjoy watching cleanest view of Mt.Everest and true face of Mt.Kailash. Summer T-shirt, a long-sleeve coat, sunglasses and skin protection are necessary

Autumn/Sep - Oct , the weather is most comfortable with sunshine in the day during this two months, landscape is most beautiful as well. Bring the clothes similar to Spring would be okay.

Winter/Nov - Feb , it's considered as tourism low season in Tibet, the weather is getting dry and windy, because of the weather condition and fewer travelers choose to travel to Tibet in winter, but less crowded and tour price would be cheaper than other months, you still could join the Tibetan New Year (between Jan and February ) and the streets will be colorfully decorated for this. Warm sweaters and down jackets are needed, comfortable sporting shoes are highly recommended for all weather.

Month Maximum Minimum
Dec-March 5°C (41℉) -14°C (6.8℉)
April 12°C (53.6℉) -5°C (23℉)
May 15°C (59℉) 0°C (32℉)
June 18°C (64.4℉) 5°C (41℉)
July 20°C (68℉) 8°C (48.4℉)
Aug 20°C (68℉) 8°C (48.4℉)
Sep 18°C (64.4℉) 5°C (41℉)
Oct 12°C (53.6℉) 4°C (39.2℉)
Nov 10°C (50℉) -5°C (23℉)
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