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Top Three Holy Lakes in Tibet - Namtso
Top Three Holy Lakes in Tibet are Namtso, Manasarovar and Yamdroktso. The lakes in Tibet have a distinct charm that is different from other lakes on the planet, not only because of the high altitude, but also the religious overtones.
The Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan Tour covers three different places in one single tour which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the best sights and culture of all three places. Before you go, you should know how to plan a Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan Tour.

How to plan a Tibet Nepal and Bhutan Tour

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Guest Blogger

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Tibetan lake
There are numerous beautiful lakes dotted between snow-capped mountains and boundless lakes in Tibet. Here are some legends of the top ten lakes in Tibet, including Lhanag-tso Lake, Lhamo La-tso Lake, Pangong Tso Lake, etc.
Mt. Kailash
As the holiest Mountain in the world, Mt. Kailash attracts people from all over the world.It is not only because its scenery and religious unique identity,but also because there are many fantastic stories about it. Here is an interesting one.