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The Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan Tour covers three different places in one single tour which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the best sights and culture of all three places. Before you go, you should know how to plan a Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan Tour.
Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is a great gateway to Tibet
With profound Buddhist culture and breathtaking landscapes, Nepal is a popular travel spot for travelers at home and abroad. Nepal together with Tibet are the paradises of tourists. Planning a Nepal Tibet Tour you can explore the two cities all at once

Nepal Tibet Tour

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Tibetan lake
There are numerous beautiful lakes dotted between snow-capped mountains and boundless lakes in Tibet. Here are some legends of the top ten lakes in Tibet, including Lhanag-tso Lake, Lhamo La-tso Lake, Pangong Tso Lake, etc.
Yamdrok Lake, with the stunning view, is one of the holy lakes in Tibet
There are a large number of stunning sceneries in Tibet. It is a land that cherished by nature. Plan a trip to Tibet, you will surprise of the magnificent view of Mount Everest, and indulgent in the breathtaking view of the holy lakes.

Trip to Tibet

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Mt. Kailash
As the holiest Mountain in the world, Mt. Kailash attracts people from all over the world.It is not only because its scenery and religious unique identity,but also because there are many fantastic stories about it. Here is an interesting one.
Answers to frequently asked questions for tibet tour
The answer list of frequently asked questions such as altitude sickness, weather, accommodation, food, etc. when you plan a trip in Tibet. If your questions are not in the list, please feel free to contact us.

Tibet Tour FAQ

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Top Three Holy Lakes in Tibet - Namtso
Top Three Holy Lakes in Tibet, Namtso, Manasarovar and Yamdroktso. The lakes in Tibet have a distinct charm that is different with other lakes on the planet, not only because of the high altitude, but also the religious overtones. Waters are the origin of life, especially when facing the extremely bad natural conditions, the lakes mean a lot for the Tibetan people. All the lakes on the plateau are considered as sacred places.